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Here's a little run down of the systems that i am using. Our main office, has a Link-sys VPN router. The remote office that we are having problems with also has a Link-sys VPN router. Both Routers have they're VPN capabilities disabled. Anyways, here's the problem. We are hosting our companies web sites from our main office on a linux server running slackware 10 and apache 2. I can view the websites, sftp, ftp, etc... into this server from anywhere from outside the main office except for the remote office. When i try to ping the address of the main office from the remote office, i get a no route to host error or somthing of the same nature. Our ISP's are the same, infact the remote office is only a few blocks away and the tower for the ISP is in plain sight of both offices. Has anybody heard of somthing like this happing before? It's kinda urgent since we need to let our managers into the websites to update content etc.
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What IP subnets are you using in both sites?  In other words, are you using the default Linksys IP subnets (I believe this is

If so, you might be running into a situation where your remote office thinks the web server is on its own network.  This shouldn't be the case, but it is worth a try (and is fairly easy to change if you just have a small number of computers).  

Try changing the IP address to or something else on the remote side and then reset the router and the computers (or just release and renew their IP addresses).

Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
You could also try editing your hosts file to statically define the friendlyname with an ip address of your main office.  Or, you could add the static route to your router...  I believe Linksys provides this capability for static routes...
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
And, you need to definitely use different subnetting for the two sites...  (master's answer...)
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PizentiosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply. I can't change the ip's around today, however i will tommorow. I just tryed pinging the remote office from the main office and got the same results as above. I will post tommorow, hopfully with good news.
PizentiosAuthor Commented:
one more thing:

When i get sombody to access the page from another outside network (another remote office), they can see it fine. The thing i am wondering about is that the subnets on the network are the same as the two that we are having problems with. Anyways, hope this sheads some light for you guys.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
when you get a chance, post the subnet info for the sites...  You might also try taking the router out of the mix (bypass it) and see if you can ping / connect to the main office...  Just to try to narrow down the problem..
PizentiosAuthor Commented:
I tryed taking the router out of the loop and it still couldn't ping. We even tryed a different computer. I am going down to the office right now to change the subnets and stuff around so i will post the info in about 30 mins. Thanks again for your help.
Based on this statement "Both Routers have they're VPN capabilities disabled"...I don't believe that the LAN subnets are the the Linksys would be NATing the sites.  My first thought would be this has something to do with the ISP...You stated "the tower for the ISP is in plain sight of both offices"...are these sites using a Wireless ISP?...Could you post the 1st 2 octets of your Linksys Public IP address (don't post the entire address)...this may be a situation where your ISP is NATing the entire Wireless network to the internet...
PizentiosAuthor Commented:
OK, no prob. I'll post the first three, since when i looked at the address it kinda rasied some interest.

Main Office: 207.161.203
Remoe Office that the trouble is at: 207.161.203
Remote Office that works fine: 207.161.180

Yes these three offices are on the same ISP which is a wireless provider. The third office that i listed can see the pages etc just fine, i think your might have just found the problem. However, like most ISP's they are telling me that it's a problem on our side, but they have been wrong before. Thanks for your continuing help.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Yes..  very interesting observation Tech..  I should have been thinking WIFI also...
hmmm...I should have asked you to post the subnet mask also...I will assume that this is a Class C mask for now...I cannot be sure...but this could be some kind of Bridging or Hack protection (firewall or ACL) issue at the ISP...FE has a bit more experience than I with stuff like this, think you could weigh in?

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PizentiosAuthor Commented:
The subnet mask inside both networks and outside both networks is set to
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
thanks, Tech..  :)

I would call your ISP back and see if they could assign you a new IP address and change the 3rd octet.  This really should not be a problem for them, or much trouble on their side.  And it may just be as Tech said, although they may not admit it...
PizentiosAuthor Commented:
Sounds good. Thanks for your help, i figure i should maybe split the points?? What do you guys think?
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Sounds good to me, as long as Tech agrees...  But give him the Accepted Answer, as his was more on point than any comment I made...

PizentiosAuthor Commented:
Ok, split it is.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
PizentiosAuthor Commented:
No, Thank you.
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