Need help with .NET and Infragistics

I've got an UltraWeb Toolbar (from Infragistics) in a Web User Control in Microsoft .NET. This web user control is on all the pages of my web application. The problem is that I lose the functionality of the Toolbar when an autopostback occurs on any page. Has anyone had a similar experience and know how to resolve this?

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LlamaJoeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I guess technically you have to implement the interface, not inherit it...

here's a good article on msdn

also check out the reference to composite controls.
what version of the controls are you using? and have you applied all the relevant hot fixes and updates? and what version of .net are you running?

and second, try out the newsgroups and FAQs at (the support is excellent - or at least it has been for me)
also, for composite controls you need to inherit from INamingContainer.
RosanneParnellAuthor Commented:
The Toolbar control is version 2.1.20041.11. My .NET framework 1.1 is version 1.1.4322. My development environment is 7.1.3008.

Okay, how do I inherit from INamingContainer?
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