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Hi all.

Windows 98 SE, All Service packs and updates applied.

I create a Dial Up Network Connection to Clients ISP. The minute the client restart her pc, the dialup connection goes missing. When I try recreate the connection - Windows reckons the dialup connection already exists and wont let me create it with the same name. So each time the user restarts she creates a new differently named dialup connection, and then has to reset her outlook express etc...

Any ideas?

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Shahid ThaikaSole ProprietorCommented:
Did you create the connection manually or through the wizard. Not sure this will work, but try using the wizard to create a new connection. This may make Windows feel it is very important ;). As soon as the connection is created, just shut down your PC completly. System settings are saved. Switch on your computer and see if the connection still exists.
SeanNijAuthor Commented:
Shahid ThaikaSole ProprietorCommented:
Thank You. That was actually a guessed answer ;)
SeanNijAuthor Commented:
Shhh. Dont tell anyone...
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