Linksys WAG54g router keeps closing my ports!

I have a Linksys WAG54G router. I configure it to have ports 25 and 110 open for my Exchange server, and HTP for web.
However, it randomly seems to close almost all ports, mostly putting them in Stealth mode!
This will happen frequently through the day.

I may try to collect email via POP3 and find I get an error from the server. If I then connect to my server (through the router/firwall incidentally) and run ShieldsUp, I see the ports in stealth.
All I have to do is connect to the router from teh server, save the ort Forwarding settings (no need to change them first) and ShieldsUp will tell me the ports are open again.
POP mail will then download.

Anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes later, the ports will have closed again and I have to repeat the whole farce.

I have tried upgrading and downgrading the firmware to all the versions I can find on the Linksys ftp site, to no avail.

I thought Cisco were supposed to be good but this is frustrating me. The only answer Linksys can give is "take it back and replace it".

Any ideas?
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LunchyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Closed, 250 points refunded.
Friendly Neighbourhood Community Support Admin
Be aware that just because the Linksys routers now carry the Cisco label (as Cisco purchased the company last year)...the Linksys devices are still SOHO devices...the "take it back and replace it" suggestion is probally a valid one...if you would like a higher reliabiltity device...try the Netopia R910 (you can get one on ebay for about $90.00)...

or let me make another suggestion...If you have access to an older computer (486 will work...however I am running a P166/32mb/500mb) and a couple of network could build your own router (better than a store bought router).

Smoothwall is a free download and really is fantastic software.  It is also easy to install and configure (it also has Intrusion Dection, VPN, Traffic graphs, Proxy, Port Forwarding, etc...)

I ran smoothwall for better that 2 years before I switched to Mandrake MNF (much the same except more difficult to setup...but with more features)

You should be able to get the PC for free (if you dont have one a friend probally has an old one laying around)..then it is just a matter of the network cards (you will need 2). Less that 10 bucks new but you if you have them...all the better. Once the software is installed and configured you won't need a keyboard or monitor connected to the unit. This is a fun project to work on and should be no hassle.  If you choose to go this route and need help...just post your issue.
Have you disabled UPnP on the router?
If yes, then a replacement device may be in order.
If not, then disabling it might just be the ticket...
NickRamseyAuthor Commented:
I like the idea of a hardware firewall and the Linksys also has the DSL "modem" included. So although I have a spare PC and a couple of network cards, the idea of consuming the power and generating the heat of a PC just to run as a router is not entirely attractive. However, I may just do that as an exercise and see how well it works.

I have diabled UPnP. I may take it back as Linksys have advised, but just wondered if anyone had had this experience and found a version of firmware that worked properly.
Today I have the added fault that the WLAN feature keeps turning itself off so I am becoming more convinced of the "faulty hardware" diagnosis.
NickRamseyAuthor Commented:
I replaced the LinkSys junk with a Netgear and all works now.
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