Remote shutdown won't work after SP2

I use a simple script (batch file) to shutdown the computers on our LAN:


After we upgraded to SP2, this won't work anymore. Anybody have any idea what we need to do?


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onesquinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to configure your domain policy or local computer policy for the following.  Or disable the firewall on the SP2 machines

computer config\administrative templates\network\network connections\windows firewall\

Enable Allow remote administration exception

to disable firewall through policy.  Disable protect all network connections in the same location as above.

TO EVERYBODY:  You must do testing and policies if youare going to implement SP2 No if ands or buts about it.  ESPECIALLY if you have a lot of machines.
elklaboneAuthor Commented:
I don't see a windows firewall option available in the group policy managment tool. Do I need to update something on my Windows 2003 Server?

Did you access the policy from an XP SP2 machine??  If you do it will automatically update the templates from the SP2 machine.  Until then, you will only have the server 2003 templates
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elklaboneAuthor Commented:
OK, I'm an idiot.  I've been running the Group Policy Editor on our 2003 server via Windows Remote Desktop Connection.

I tried doing Start...Run and GPEDIT.MSC, and this does bring up the local policy editor, but the server still doesn't show the new options even after I've run GPEDIT.MSC locally.  Do I need to connect to the policy on the server remotely somehow?

you need to edit a policy from users and computers.

right click on the desired ou, click properties and click the policy tab.  that should add them
elklaboneAuthor Commented:
I found it, you have to ...

Updating Your Group Policy Objects With the New Windows Firewall Settings

To update your Group Policy objects for network environments using Active Directory and Windows XP SP1, it is recommended that you use the Group Policy Management Console, a free download available from Microsoft. For more information, see Group Policy Management Console with Service Pack 1.

To update your Active Directory Group Policy objects with the new Windows Firewall settings using the Group Policy snap-in (provided with Windows XP SP2), do the following:
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