Repartition Hard Drive

I have a Compaq Proliant ML350 server it has 2 36.4GB Drives and two 18.2 GB Drives.  The server is running Windows 2000 Server.  The server has a C drive of 3.90GB a D: drive of 12.8Gb and a E Drive of 23.3GB.

I only have 744MB of free space left on the C partition and want to add additional space from the D partition to the C.

How can I do this as safely as possible.

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stigmata53Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I've had great success doing that with Acronis Disk Director
If your swap file is on the C drive, you can always move that other to another drive.
NorthumberlandAuthor Commented:
No its already on anothe drive
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Clean out temporary internet files, the temp folder, and the print spool folder (for each user account where appropriate).  Is C: NTFS or FAT?  Convert to NTFS if you aren't already using it.  Move some installed apps to the D: drive - likely will require reinstalling.  Remove OLD $NTUninstall... folders (leave recent ones, but those 9 months or older - and maybe even 6 months or older can be removed).  Compress areas of the disk not accessed often, but with otherwise needed data.
The easy way to do this is to extend the volume with one of your other drives. To do this your c drive must be a dynamic if it is not in can be converted. The drive you add can not  have not partion on it if dose remove it.

Tools to use are computer mangement  -> disk managment .

This will leave data intact on your c drive.
I've always had success in the past with partition magic, but if it's a mission critical server please be careful.
In any case make sure you have EVERYTHING backed up.
The last time I tried Partition magic it won't install on a server, it requires Server Magic.

My vote is still Acronis Disk Director.

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