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Crystal 9 RAS on Windows 2003 Server

I need to install Crystal 9 RAS (Report Application Server) on Windows 2003 Server.
I read on the business objects website that 9 is compadible, but no documents stating any issues with RAS, etc.

I have installed the software and the service is running, but IIS doesn't seem to reconigize Crystal (or it is blocking it).

Crystal doesn't show up in the Web Service Extentions
RPT is not mapped in Application Extensions either

When I attempt to execute the RPT from my ASP application I get the below error

HTTP Error 405 - The HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed.
Internet Information Services (IIS)

Can anyone suggestion how I can get it to work, will it work?
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1 Solution
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
Do you have IIS 6, which ships with Win2k3?  Also, does the system database install with RAS?

IIS6 isn't compatible with CE9, which means it probably isn't compatible with RAS 9.  MSDE 1.0 isn't compatible with Win2k3.

Check out the following link:


gspronychAuthor Commented:
I am using II6 on Windows 2003 Server.
The database is on another server (Windows 2000)

I'm not using Crystal Enterprise, rather Crystal Reports.
I've found this article that says CR is supported.

Here is a list of supported components

Supported components
Input FRS
Output FRS
Cache Server
Event Server
Page Server
Report Application Server
Job Server
Web Component Server

Unsupported components
IIS 6 as the web server

Which is real confusing; how can RAS and Web Component Server be supported and not IIS6 as the web server.

Do you have any suggestions how can I get my RPT to work on II6 and Windows 2003?
Do I need another version of RAS?
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
I understand that you're not using Crystal Enterprise, but RAS is essentially 'Enterprise Lite'.  That's why the article applies.

The OS is supported, the web server isn't.  You either need to use a IIS 5 or another compatible web server or switch to Windows 2000, which ships with IIS 5.  Sorry:-(

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gspronychAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you help Kurt, but there is a work around.

I ended up calling Crystal since this problem didn't make much sense.
Here is the solution

My problem was that my application was using URL reporting, not RAS.
URL reporting is supported by Crystal Enterprise, not RAS.
As you mentioned, MSDE (or equalivant SQL Server) is required to use CE. MSDE without SP2 is not supported on Win2k3, so I installed SQL 2000 with sp3 and was able to get CE installed.
Next, WCS needed to be enabled in IIS6, and RPT needed to be mapped in the virtual directory configuration.

I'm happy to report web reporting that web reporting  is now working on my Win2k3 box.
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
So, to solve your issue with the web server compatibility, you upgraded to CE (10, I assume - 9's not compatible with IIS6)?  This isn't a workaround, its an entirely new solution ;-)

Glad to hear you've got everything working, now.  I think SQL Server 2k SP3 was the right move, since you couldn't use MSDE.

gspronychAuthor Commented:
Hi Kurt

I did not upgrade to CE 10, I used CE 9 on my Win2k3 server.
I had to do a manual install on Win2k3 to get CE9 to work.

Here is the step by step I followed to set it up

- Install CE9
- Uninstalled MSDE
- Install SQL 2000 and SP3 locally, or create a ODBC connection to a remote SQL server
- Modify the APS in the Crystal Configuration Manager, on the config tab click 'specify' and it will build the CE9 database
- Start the APS service
- Enable WCS in IIS6
- Map RPT in your project

So 9 is compadible with IIS, with this work around.
Out of the box it is not compadible, I couldn't find this information in a KB on their site which is a shame.
Instead it cost 200 USD to find out. :(
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
From the Business Objects knowledge base article I linked to:

3: Web servers / Web Connectors by operating system

Windows 2003 Server

IIS 6, which ships with Windows 2003 Server, is not supported with CE 9. While Windows 2003 Server is supported as an operating system for CE components, it is not supported as a web server.

"Compatible" wasn't the right word.  You've been able to get your environment up and running by doing a ton of work that you shouldn't have to do for a solution that is completely unsupported by Business Objects.  As such, I wouldn't ever recommend running this in a production environment (either for you or a client).  How could you justify to your customers (internal or external) or management that you've created a production environment that is unsupported by the vendor.   You're basically on your own for any issues that crop up.  From my perspective as a manager/consultant whose administered multiple implementations, I'd say that your solution is unacceptable due to the maintenance and support risks.

I'd recommend installing CE10 on a clean server (NOT upgrading the current CE software) and moving forward from there.  If you do this, your solution will be:

1) up-to-date with the most current production version of the software
2) completely supported by the vendor

If you have a maintenance agreement with Business Objects for CE9, then you should be able to obtain CE10 for free.  If not, it comes with Crystal Reports 10 (different CE versions bundled with the respective CR versions).

gspronychAuthor Commented:
Thanks for you opinion Kurt, but IMHO I feel it is not a major work around.
The reason CE9 is not compadible is because of MSDE not because of an issue with CE9.

While I agree using a work around is not the best method to install software.
The CE representative I spoke with didn't hestiate recommending this fix.
I asked them if their are any sufficiant changes from CE9 to CE10, and they said no.

If budget concerns where not an issue I may have purchased CE10.
I work for a Canadian Health Region, where costs are always an issue.

If we had any intention of using CE10 or CR10 I would have been interested in upgrading.
We won't be upgrading until the next version of Crystal (version 10+).

Thanks again
Kurt ReinhardtSr. Business Intelligence Consultant/ArchitectCommented:
Once again, its not that its not compatible, its that IIS6 isn't supported.  Just because you get it to work, doesn't mean you should.  Best of luck to you.

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