DVD Disc, Open Sessions

Hi Everyone,

I have not dealt with burning DVDs yet....except my boss came to me with an interesting question.

Assuming the universe is equal as with CDR and CDRW, if he has an open DVD disc, created from a SONY DVD Handycam, if we had a DVD +R or RW in a PC, would it be able to read the open disc? Currently my PC DVD ROM only will read the closed discs. I have tried this on my Toshiba DVD ROM, and Plextor CDRW + DVD reader.

Also, if anyone has any experience with this, and this is what started this whole thing….

The software that comes with the Handycam is Image Mixer 1.5. Is it supposed to be able to read open discs or must they be closed for this software to read the discs. This is if we keep the DVD in the camera and connect it to the computer.

Any help out there everyone, is appreciated.
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Diane258Connect With a Mentor Commented:
i have done somthing similar to this before not. Might i suggest that you got a Lite-on DVD drive?


The up side is that they read DVD+ and DVD- (double layer and single layer) discs. i am uncertian but there might be one that reads DVD-ROM as well(i don't know for shure).

the only thing that i do know is that the DVD-ROM format is going the way of the dinosour.

The best part is that you can prolly get one for about $100 so if it doesn't work out at least it's cheap(but good quality)
No first hand experience, but going by my experience with CDRs and CDR/Ws, i can say that you should be able to read the open DVDs with a DVD writer.
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know if another drive would be able to read it, but ISOBuster is a pretty good program for reading difficult to read discs.  http://www.smart-projects.net/isobuster/
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if you have a dvdrw drive, it should work.   i would think it does...    

i have taken an open cdrw before and not been able to read it from a cd-rom but have been ableto read it from a cdrw.
after you close a dvd-r or a dvd-rw doesn't it become a DVD-ROM ????  just my thought

sysbw1Author Commented:

Yeah, it sure does....what he is trying to accomplish, is to work with the sessions in an open state, that way he can use the data that is on the disc without having to close it to work with it. Lets say he took 10 minutes of video and wants to pull it off without using the last 20 min, you would not close the disk. If you did close, you wold lose the last 20 min of the disk. I don't know what they cost, but I don't image you would want waste that space.
Hmm i might have confused dvd-RAM with DVD-rom my mistake. anyway i know i have had "open disks " from various camcorders and dvd-vcr's and some take dvd- and others dvd+
sysbw1Author Commented:
Thanks Everyone for your input. The Lite-On was a great solution and the boss is happy! :)
Thank you!

Don't forget that just about all DVD Drives have new flash drivers released for them periodicaly.
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