auto defrag mailbox store

I want to defrag the mailbox store with the command 'eseutil /d priv1.edb'.  Does it have to be dismounted before I run that command?  I was hoping to put it in a batch file and set it to run on a schedule.  But, if it has to be dismounted first, I guess I can't.  Unless there is a command that I could put in the batch file that would dismount the store first, defrag it (to reduce size), and then re-mount it.

What do you think?
David WilliamsonIT DirectorAsked:
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marc_nivensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can dismount it simply by stopping the Information Store.  Thats just a batch file with the command "net stop msexchangeis".  However, since its something you won't really be doing that often its probably easier just to do it manually.
Does it need doing?
How much white space is event ID 1221 reporting overnight? Unless you are going to gain a large amount of space (I don't bother unless it is at least 30% reduction) then I don't see the point in risking the database.

It would have helped if you mentioned which version of Exchange it was as well...

I'm with Sembee on this one... unless you need to recover space or you're have a specific DB related issue, offline defrag is not really what you would consider normal maintenance.  In other words, don't do it unless you have a reason to.
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David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Yes, it needs doing.  we have recently deleted a ton of email, plus we're getting close to the 16 GB limit.  Does it need to be dismounted manually or not?  And if it does have to be dismounted, is there a way to do it in an automated fashion?
David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
E2K3, by the way.
David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
yes, you're right.  The desire to do it automatically comes from not wanting to have to wait till after hours to do it, remembering to do it at all, and then remembering to remount the store after its done.  If it needs to be done, then I can schedule it to happen when everyone's gone, and then schedule it to be remounted several hours later.  That way I don't have to remember to do it once I'm gone (which is hard once I'm home).  Make sense?

So then, I assume that remounting the store is simply 'net start msexchangeis'?
David WilliamsonIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
by the way, I did it last night and we gained 3 GB
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