Rich text in custom forms

This is a quick one:

Is it possible to implement a multiline text box that supports text formatting (rtf or html) in a custom form?

TIA, Duncan
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TOPIOConnect With a Mentor Commented:
version of outlook?
dmjabboAuthor Commented:
OL 2003 and Exchange 2003...
Not directly, you would need to handle a word document object to be able to do that
but it takes a lot of coding to do that.
Because basically you're launching a mini-instance of word and storing the results as a
word document.
the number of properties of formated text is very big and of course they will not  be supported by a text box.

So the short answer is no. :)
dmjabboAuthor Commented:
...but is it not posible to replicate the email message body field or the task details fields?
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