LCD with vertical blue line


Weird problem that keeps happening to a user.  He gets a blue (about one pixel wide) down the left side of the screen.  Sometimes it goes away and comes back.  It's a dell notebook, dell docking station and dell LCD.  

The line color is windows teal (same as his background).  Any ideas?


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Blue_RishiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lose connection/defect lcd driver chips (chips on the side of the screen, inside the lcd). Google around for common lcd problems/repair compagnies and you'll see what I mean. You'll need a professional service company to repair this. If the affected chip is faulty, it could mean the whole screen needs to be changed (very expensive). If it's only a lose connection, the cost will be much lower.

Good luck,

Blue Rishi
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
He may have a loose ribbon connector between the screen and the keyboard.  That ribbon connector connects the screen with the LCD controller.  A visual inspection should be informative and it may also reveal a worn cable.
jmerullaAuthor Commented:
Sorry.  LCD monitor plugged into the docking station.
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If it's a separate monitor, swap the cable.
If the LCD monitor is new, might i suggest that you take it back to the store? and if you keep getting that problem it  means that the problem is NOT the LCD monitor. thus narrowing the possibilites of what it could be.
sounds like a bad monitor to me..  time to get it replaced..  or just use it and deal with the blue line...


Change the background to the same colour as the blue line , then vola! the line has gone :P :)

IF you eliminate the LCD itself as the cause of the problem but it persists, try the following:  Update the BIOS on the laptop, or try using the proper (LCD manufacturer's) driver for the LCD rather than the generic "imbedded" Microsoft pnp driver I have seen this do the trick in the past.---B. Fitz

Have you tried another monitor?
If so, do you get the same results?

My first guess would be a problem with the cable connecting the two due to the fact that the problem comes and goes..

But it could also be a problem with the plug on the laptop or the card. Is there any physical damage to the plug on the back of the laptop?

jmerullaAuthor Commented:
I ended up replacing the monitor and returning the LCD.  it was just weird.

thanks all!
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