Cannot find entry point with NetCobol for .NET

I recently switched from using MicroFocus Personal Cobol to NetCobol for .NET. With .NET, I get an error code that states " JMN10026I-U  Cannot find entry point 'Lab2.2.Program1'. I am new to .NET, but this program compiles in Personal Cobol. Any ideas? I have my .cbl file and my resource file in the same folder, so I don't know why it can't find the entry point...

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jaguarulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you should try to find something like "Startup Object", somewhere in the Solution (Project) Properties. It should provide a list of possible entry points.
I have no idea about COBOL, but how do you specify its entry point? its "main" function? it doesn't sound like a COBOL error, but rather an error of the .NET runtime which complains it cannot find your executable entry point.
Pam_BaughAuthor Commented:
yes, exactly, but I don't know how .NET finds the entry point. The beginning of the program is in the Main function. Here's a little of the code. This is a classroom assignment....

           OPEN INPUT CookbookFile
           PERFORM PrintHeadings

           READ CookbookFile
               AT END move "Y" to EOFSwitch
               NOT AT END MOVE SPACES to CookbookDetailLine
                   MOVE CookbookGroupIn to CookbookGroupOut
                   MOVE CookbookGroupIn to DLCookbookGroup

Pam_BaughAuthor Commented:
BINGO! Thanks:-)
thanks aswell. good luck ;)
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