Office 2000 won't reinstall

Office 2000 began to act strangely recently (and yes, I have great antivirus software running all the time and updated often) giving me error messageseven in e-mails (not all but a few) from Outlook Express! I also noticed problems when I tried a simple reinstall which led to an uninstall by Office CD itself. From then on I could do little. I studied on MS website and found the best advice I could which was to uninstall using Control Panel so I did. Then when I tried to reinstall it balked again. I get this error message consistently, and we go absolutely nowhere:

"Error 1919. Error configuring ODBC data source. MS Access Database. ODBC error 6: Component not found in the registry. Verify that the file MS Access Database exists and that you can access it."  (Say what?)

I "think" I even saw this and two other error messages PRIOR to removing the program which is why I began searching for answers. Obviously no fix, and I was fearful of the "eraser" part as it states clearly it will take all "common files" with it and one has to reinstall all of that software. No thanks! I formatted after I was last here a few months ago, and I do NOT want to do a reformat or reinstallation of the programs showing in "common" folder!

So can we find this puppy and clip its ears?

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KaliKoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Lindsay,

This problem could be solved by reinstalling MDAC 2.8 . You can get it from . You might also have to do some registry fixes.

The following MS article describes exactly the problem you are having, and step by step instructions on how to fix it. Please try it and let us know your results or if you are still having problems.

The URL is:

Thanks and Good Luck
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Thanks. I followed as far as I could. I have Office 2000. The ODBC is for 2003, but I ran it anyway. I don't know what to do after that. Maybe I'll try another install while I wait for this to get answered.

In Registry the Installation Sources entry is just a box full of binary codes. No paths to anything. Nothing about I386 (I found it in C:\WINNT two places in Explorer, but then what?)

SourcePath was E:

ServicePackSourcePath is in my C:\WINNT\ServicesPackPath.

I have NO clue what "change the value to the path" means. To what does one change it?

The information hotlink to learn about Registry (backup and restore) is not found and MS states so when you arrive at the non-answer page. Seems 2000 people are just plain out of luck with MS for so many things. I did receive ONE update yesterday which is very rare. Blew me away. Don't even know what it was about.

I have exported the Registry several times "just in case." But it will not "import" for some reason. There's no "backup" "restore" command in 2000. I just exported it again for whatever it might yield if needed.

Wish I had better news. I need Office online here and up to speed soonest. Oh, and obviously, I'm using Windows 2000 Pro. Sorry I didn't state that at the outset. I figured Office 2000 would be self-explanatory. Many things point ONLY to 2003 nowadays. I could only find helps for what was original on my computer. My consultant (no longer) did put an OEM copy of 2000 on my computer last year so I guess that's the same thing. They've been of no help even though I was due for a year of helps. I had to pay a lot of money within a few months again. No warranty honored. Guess it's for extremely strict situations. At least MS would have honored all questions had I only known what my consultant was up to.

Try this:
Fetch Orktools from this website:
Use it to remove all office products from your computer (can´t recall the exact name of the tool inside orktools but it´s self explanatory).
Reboot and try to reinstall office

Good luck!!
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You are welcome, I am sure we can make this work. My appologies for the MDAC being the wrong version. Please follow the following procedure step by step:

- Please check if the following registry keys are missing:
 (to check for the keys, you need to run regedt (click on start -> run -> in the box type regedt) and check for the keys above

- At this point just make a note of the keys being there or not, dont do anything else in registry, close regedit

- Go to and download MDAC 2.8 , yes this version is for Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

-  Run MDAC with all the defaults, do not change any locations or values. You need to make sure you are running them with administrative rights, logged on as an administrator

- Go back to your registry and check for the same keys, is there a change ? Are they there now ? Regardless reboot your system

- Check if the problem has gone away, try a reinstall of office. Note, when you are trying to reinstall, and it goes through, make sure during install you choose "Run from my Computer" for the Clip Gallery and other features

If the above fixes dont work, do the following:

- Locate a machine on which Office 2k has been known to work

- Run Regedit.exe, locate the ODBC keys, and then use the export option to back up the following keys to a floppy disk:
(Exporting is done by selecting the ODBC key, click Registry, click Export registry key, select a location  on the floppy in the Save To box, give the key a name, and then click Save)

- Now go to the system thats having the problems, repeat the step I just mentioned above, this is to save a backup copy of the registry, save the .reg file right on your desktop

- Insert the floppy disk that contains copies of the working ODBC keys, double click on each of the .reg files, click yes when you are prompted to import the key into the registry

- Restart the system, run office setup again, and make sure you choose "Repair Office" , and then choose either "Reinstall Office or Detect and Repair Errors in My Office Installation"

Please give the above two methods a try. If this doesnt work, there is another way out, but please give this a try. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give a step by step approach.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Lindsay37Author Commented:
It worked anyway! I just let it all run as stated without any registry tamperings, and I just got it all installed. Word works. That's the main item I needed right now! Thanks so much. Just glad that Office 2003 on the one hand worked in the start and then we uninstalled Office 97!! So they must all be related, right? :)

I have a lot of questions of you people. I'll deal with them one by one up to November 10 or beyond (if I don't get all this work done).

You're the best. I "think" we can close out this question now. I can reopen later if problems arise.

Next up the Registry I think. :)

Thanks much.
You are welcome Lundsay, I am not sure whose solution worked for you, was it KicKr's or mine. But in any case, I am happy that it worked out for you :-) If you ever needed Help, just ask away :-)

Hey Lindsay :)

Your question is still coming back as "open" . If you have had a solution, dont forget to close it :o)

Lindsay37Author Commented:
The answers were from both! And okay, I'll see if I can figure out how to close this. I'm not too informed. I was here about five months ago and never figured out a lot of things. I was so intent on getting problems fixed here that I didn't read the website. ;) Forgive if I don't get this right.

Can anyone get this fixed? Didn´t get my points for this question!!
Lindsay37Author Commented:
I just am not up to speed on this stuff. I merely "accepted" ONE answer and was wondering about the point split. Now I can't seem to get into points. Will someone PLEASE tell me how to close AND split points? What if five people answer well? What is more? I had a HUGE thing going here in May, and there was no way to split up the points fairly. In the end I had to reformat my hard drive because nothing else worked.

Thanks for any clues on this you can give.
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