Error (5009 : 0x8002801d) has occurred while running setup

OK guys, I'm completely stumped on this one...I'm trying to install our software on user's Windows XP machine, and keep getting the following error:

"An error (-5009 : 0x8002801d) has occurred while running the setup.  Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications.  If the error still occurs, please contact your vendor."

I'm not quit sure what is going on here, I've done just about everything to combat this that I know and nothing is working;  From Safemode, to cleaning the entire system to disabling start-up items...nothing is working.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated at this point and I will award MAX POINTS for quickiest response since customer is on phone.


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gerrymcdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
3 things to try.

1. try installing on the same PC under a different user account if possable. to see if there is a problem with the user account.  Ensure that they have administrative rights when installing (limited account may cause problems)
2. Check what processes & applications are running.(shutdown unneeded ones)
3. Shut down Anti-virus software during the installation.
it looks like it is trying to register something : 
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Don't know if you noticed, itsmevic, but this is the Windows 98 Topic Area  :-)

I think this is a problem with user rights and access to the registry.  While trying to install your application on the XP machine, is it logged in as a user with full admin rights?
Did you develop the application before Windows XP SP2 was let loose?  If so, did you test the installer on a machine with SP2 installed, or is this perhaps the issue on THAT machine?
Installshield (bug) Error -5009 in InstallShield Professional 7.0

Partly relates to UNINSTALLING, but may be connected - hey, I'm not a developer :-)

Error -5009 When Launching Child Setup
When a setup launches a silent child setup using DoInstall with the NOWAIT option, uninstalling the parent setup fails with error -5009.
Use the WAIT option in such cases.
This problem is listed in the release notes for IS Pro 7.00 and 7.01.
Created: 2002-08-14    InstallShield Tracking Number: 1-9LSUD
Oh, yes, another one that I came across concerned the presence of files in the %TEMP% directory prior to installation, and suggested first emptying it.  Not an ideal workaround, but something to try.

Just to emphasise what I am sure you intended to say:

>>> "I'm trying to install OUR SOFTWARE on user's Windows XP machine" <<<

What I am curious to know is whether this is a software release CREATED by you, or the company for which you work.

If so, then this question probably belongs in the Programming Topic Area.
Some software run only on FAT or FAT32 the clients machine would be using an NTFS file system
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