Internet Explorer stuck in "working offline"

I have a home network, and I am unable to run msn messenger on the computers as it displays the error:

"We could not sign you in to MSN Messenger because Internet Explorer is currently set to work offline. Please change this setting in your browser's file menu and then try signing in again. 0x81000362"

The proxy settings are correct, and I have an active internet connection (a cable connection which is always connected) which is controlled by a computer running Smoothwall Express 2.0

I have no problem browsing the internet using Mozilla Firefox as my browser, but cannot use Internet Explorer.

What can i do to fix this problem?

Thanking you in advance
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moduloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Open up Internet Explorer and click the File menu and make sure there is no check to work offline.

SqwuzzyAuthor Commented:
there isn't even an option that says "work offline"
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what version of IE do you have?

There should be a work offline in the File menu right above close....I have it on IE 6.0
SqwuzzyAuthor Commented:
i have ie 6.0 too

there is no "work offline" option in the file menu.

the thing above close is "properties"
try it in IE

Tool -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Choose "Never dial a connection".

Make sure the proxy setting in IE is right.

or you can try to reinstall IE into your computer.
SqwuzzyAuthor Commented:
don't worry, i've fixed it.

i uninstalled internet explorer and setup msn explorer instead, and now everything is working fine.
SqwuzzyAuthor Commented:
thanks danielwpc for that suggestion
On IE:  Open Internet Options, the under Connections make sure "never dial" is enabled.  Also, under "Security" set everything to a "default level".
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