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Hi all experts,
    I am looking forward to find the exams for measuring Visual Basic 6 Knowledge. Does anyone have the exam to measure such knowledge ? I would like to test to recruit the new staffs for working in the company. It would be good if the exams are including many Visual Basic 6 knowledge level from beginning to intermediate.
     Thank you,
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dbrckoviConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't know of any VB6 exam samples, but I'd suggest you to make up a simple program, give them an hour or so to write it and compare the results.
Just give them verbal explanation of your program on a piece of paper, and let them do what they can.

In this program include all elements which you think might be important for your needs.
For example: user interface, speed, graphics, databeses, math, web, network, security, etc.

I personally don't like paper-oriented programming exams, becouse it doesn't show programming skills very accurate.
I had few similar tests at my faculty, and I didn't show high results on paper, but when they gave me the computer I was one of the best in class.
I mean. How much information about someones programming skills can you get when you give them questions like these:
 - Where in the VB6 is Menu Editor found:     File, Edit, View, Tools, Format
 - What is the correct syntax:     For Each Button In Controls,     Loop Each Button In Controls,    Do Each Button In Controls .....
 - What is the difference between Fixed Single, and Fixed Dialog  form BorderStyles?
 - In what order are the following form's events fired:   Load, Activate, Initialize

Maybe someone knows this from other programming language, but knows nothing about VB6, or maybe someone can't think of the correct syntax at the moment, but is perfectly able to
use it in practice.

Here's some rough example of a program:

Create a program which will:
 - gather images from these web adresses: xxxxx.gif , xxxxx.jpg , xxxxx.tif , and save them in BMP format.
 - compress them using ZIP algorythm and send this zipped file to the following e-mail adress: ........          SuperZIP.ocx control and it's documentation can be found here:     ......
 - open the following database ....... , and add new record to this table  ........    which will contain paths to downloaded BMP files
          The Table has these Fields:   BMP1, BMP2, BMP3, YourName
 - after this is done, the program will show all three pictures on the form, and allow the user to place company's logo on desired position on each picture
                   Logo image can be found here:  .....\Logo.BMP
 - Modified Images will be saved to this folder  ......,
 - images will be printed on this printer ......,
 - during it's activity, program should play this MP3:    ........

 * The program should have intuitive user-interface
VIkasumitConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I doesn't agree with the dbrckovi because the VB is so vast that if oyu learn the one thing today and you want to learn one thing every day than the first day learning will be come to you in several to check just basic you at most can check whether the person have knowleadge of the basic of programming not just Vb but general concept of programming... Though I am fresher and looking for the same kind of job but i get disappointed when a recuiter as me how to make a Network application.... for beginner the must know thing is how well he/she can do the programming and not just how to??

To test the knowleadge of Vb programmer you should probably search for OLD MCSD examination Question can be found in a computer center near you will be great help for your recuirtment process...

Also , If oyu have ajob to offer to A INDIAN MCSD/CCNA certificate programmer how is currently working as web programmer and doing is PG than you can contact me ...(I'm serious)

VIKasumit ( mY resume is here)

And I disagree with VIkasumit.    (That is, if I understood you properly)

To be sure of someones programming skill, you have to see them programm. You have to give them an assigment and see how well they'll do it.
After they finish souch programm, or after some given time you can see everything:
 - do they know the basic syntax
 - are tey organized (keep their code clean and readable)
 - are they looking for the simplest or the best sollution
 - do they know how to use documentation
 - how long it took them to write something
 - generally, how experienced they are
 - etc.

If you just ask them general questions, you don't know anything from above.
What do you get if you ask them:    What is a Class?        They could talk about it for hours, but this doesn't mean that they know how to use classes.
If you ask them some specific question: What is Microsoft Outline Control used for?
They might not know it, but maybe they could learn it in 5 minutes, becose they have enough background experience.

I know few people who went to C/C++ programming class with me, who knew everything theoreticaly, they knew all definitions, and how basic algorythms from the book worked.
On theoretical part, they were the best, but when they had to write some program, they "hanged", becouse they didn't know even where to begin.
They just didn't have enough experience, even though they knew all definitions and all theory behind it.

I'd also hate if someone would ask me how to create network application.
I'd much more like them to give me two PC's with VB installed, and let me write the program to show them how I'd do it.
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I started working as a document scanner operator, and my boss found out that I know programming (he was also a programmer a while back), and we talked about it a little but he didn't took me very seriously
at first. But few months later he saw that I created few simple applications which made few boring office tasks much faster, and he started giving me more and more demanding projects.
After some time I became a programmer.

My point is that even when he knew I can programm, he didn't "belive" it untill he saw some results.
prasitleeAuthor Commented:
Hi hes,
    I don't understand your link. Is it related to Visual Basic Exam ? I didn't see anything related to what I want.
One of the assesment tests is in Visual Basic. It is very comprehensive, covering from basic syntax to  what will be the output of this block of code.
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