DELL ? EMC CX 300 SAN addition of new enclosure.

I have A DEll cx 300 san here...i am to add anew eclosure with 15 disks tonight..
would i require a san restart after adding the new enclosure.?
and would it be possible for me to seamlessly increase the size of an existing LUN without data loss.
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prof666Connect With a Mentor Commented:
As you have a CX300 chances are you are running flair code 13 or higher which should mean you can dynamically expand luns (as flair 13 uses vitualization technology).
All clariions allow online addition of new trays without service interruption. It is just a matter of setting the unit ID on the back of the new unit correctly and then linking it up to the previous unit (on the correct bus).
If you buy this extra unit from DELL they will send a Unisys guy round with the kit and link it up for you. Otherwise (and I'm not touting for business) if you are in the UK, my company can do this for you also.


Da Proff
Cyber-DudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't have much experience in adding more devices, but common sense tells me that adding more space and more devices should invoke a reset process to for initial diagnostics. Etherway; I checked the 'Administrator Manual' and it doesnt say anything about reset the device while adding new enclosures but rather how to place them...

Here is the link for the manual:

Hope that helped;

kudu1Author Commented:
Thanks a lot friends....hope i dont have to restart as in the process i might have to restart close to 10 servers along with the san.
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I can guarentee you that you will not have to restart. All clariions operate a port bypass filter on the internal fibre/scsi bus and as such can handle new targets being dynamically added. I personally have done an expansion (adding 2 new trays 1 x 73GB disk tray and 1 x 360GB ATA disk tray) online within the last 3 days. One word of caution though, it is always sensible to make sure ALL servers have recent backups before addition. It has been known that faulty trays can cause the SP's to reboot by make sure that:
a) you have backups
b) work done out of hours if possible
c) make sure you read the notes that come with the new tray (especially the wiring diagram)

best of luck

Da Proff
Duncan MeyersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>would i require a san restart after adding the new enclosure.?

No. Absolutely not. The only seriously important thing that you haver to do is to set the enclosure ID. There is a switch between the power supplies of the DAE (Disc Array Enclosure = enxpansion enclosure). Make sure that the new cabinet has the next number. So, if you are adding your first expansion cabinet, your new enclosure will be 1. If this is the second cabinet, it will be 2. Don't forget that there is a maximum of 60 drives in a CX600 - and you must have the 60 drive enabler (a small piece of software) installed.

>and would it be possible for me to seamlessly increase the size of an existing LUN without data loss.
No problem. Create a new LUN that you will add to the existing LUN. Once that has finished binding, right-click on the LUN you want to expand and click on "Expand". This starts the Expansion Wizard. Basically follow the bouncin ball  select the LUN that you will use to expand teh existing LUN. You will also need to select either Stripe or Concatenate Expansion. Concatenate expansion means that the new space is available immediately, Stripe expansion means that the CX will re-stripe all the existing data across the original LUN and the expansion LUN. The additional space is not availabe until the restripe process is complete - which can take some time depending on how busy your array is. This option will give you the best performance. You also need to know that the new LUN used in a Stripe Expansion must be exactly the same size as the original LUN

Once the LUN expansion is finished, you need to expand the LUN in the OS. Easy! With Windows 2000, use diskpart.exe from the W2K resource kit downloadable from Microsoft. For W2K3 - I'm not so sure. I have to read up on the process, but I think that you'll need the W2K3 resource kit to do it.

Hope this helps.
Duncan MeyersCommented:
Make sure that you have the 60 drive option installed. The array will only 'see' 15 drives if you haven't.

Right click on the top level, select Properties, select Software. You should see the 60 drive optiojn in this list. If it isn't installed, you'll need to get that organised!
Duncan MeyersCommented:
I thought my answer was spot-on (but I would, wouldn't I :-)...)
Thought my comments were spot on too.

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