Is it possible to call an ascx page with a javascript function?

Is it possible to call an ascx page with a javascript function?

I have a footer that a programmer created in C#. The ascx page has HTML + javascripts on it. The code behing page has some C# on it.
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Hi dmullis,

so what do you mean by "call an ascx page with a javascript function" ?
you can drag & drop the ascx file on your aspx page and when you open the page in browse you will see the result of executed ascx file

are you trying to access a routine in the control?
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Please explain your question in detail. To add the footer decalre the following at the top of your aspx page:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="MYWeb" TagName="Footer" Src="Footer.ascx"%>

and where you want to insert the footer, add the following lines:

<MYWeb:Footer id="Footer" runat="Server"></MYWeb:Footer>

HTH, Nauman.
dmullisAuthor Commented:
I am not using an aspx page..that would be easy. I hate to get into the details of this because it confuses everyone and the general issue but here goes:

I have an xml page created by other programmers..I cannot "re-do" this some other way. In the xml page, it contains several pages with page ids and their specific elements like textboxes, etc. From these page id's I can call a javascript function such as onclick, onload, etc. Within each of these page ids,at the beginning of the page, there are numerous javascript functions called by the elements. I will have to use a javascript function to call the footer that resides on the ascx page..This xml page will not understand putting
 <%@ Register TagPrefix="MYWeb" TagName="Footer" Src="Footer.ascx"%> at the top of each page id.

I plan to put an onload event with each page id element..( I know how to do this in the XML. I know how to position the footer on each page id.). The onload event should call a javascript function that calls my ascx page. I need to know if javascript can call an ascx page and if this is possible,how to tell the javascript function to call the ascx page.
Man, I don't think it is possible
ascx files are something like the #include directive in the old asp , so ...

hmm, im not quite sure if i understand your question, but if you are trying to get javascript to interact with aspx you can do something like the following:

<input type=hidden id=xfer name=xfer />
<script language=javascript>
  function foo()
    document.forms[0].xfer.value = something;

Then on the serverside use: string s = Request.Form["xfer"];
you can then have the server interpret that and do something to a
<asp:PlaceHolder Runat=server ID="PlaceHolder1"></asp:PlaceHolder>
PlaceHolder1.Controls.Add(new Footer_ascx.Footer());
dmullisAuthor Commented:
I wound up having to create a server control and do it this way, because of the deadline.

+"<td width='103'><a href='../pages/ContactUs.aspx' onMouseOut='MM_swapImgRestore()'"
+"onMouseOver='MM_swapImage('Contact US','','../images/controls/footer/contact_on.gif' ,1)'>"
+"<img name='Contact US' border='0' src='../images/controls/footer/contact_off.gif' width='119' height='43'>"

I appreciate all your input. answered my other question about putting the javascript inside the above.

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