Collecting email via Outlook on a mapped drive

If 2 PC's are networked and the second PC has a drive mapped to the first PC's Outlook Express mail folder, is it possible to setup Outlook Express to view the mail on the first PC and send mail to the first PC's Outbox ready for sending from the first PC's Outlook Express?
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make sure to backup all OE files before attempting to do anything as there are cases in which changing the location of the store folder have overwritten all email data files..

have you already a mapped drive in your pc2 of the location of OE files in pc1
in pc1 , open OE
go to tools --> options --> maintainence --> store folder and check the path
close OE
go to that path
make that folder as a shared one .

now go to pc2 and map network drive to this shared folder..
I guess i need some more clarification

Does both pc got OE and from where do you want to send email ..

can you be some more detail..
ncwAuthor Commented:
Both PC's have Outlook Express. PC #1 will receive and send email normally. PC#2's inbox needs to mirror PC#1's inbox and needs to be able to send email to PC#1's outbox. There's two halves to this question, first half being the mirroring of the inbox, the second being the sending of email via PC#1.
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Hmm. thinking if both OE applications can access to the same Inbox.dbx file..

You have to experiment that..  Not done before so not sure..

Before doing anything , first backup all OE data to a seperate location in the PC#1.

Now you can also do this. Not sure why you want both OE to access the same inbox and other OE files ..
You can make a backup of Pc1's OE data and use that in PC 2.. I mean put a mirror copy of PC1 outlook express data in pc 2 itself and work..

Is it because Pc 2 doesnot have internet connection ?
ncwAuthor Commented:
The customer wants it setup as it was. Otherwise he could use an IMAP email, but also he wants email sent from PC2 to go to PC1 for checking before sending. A backup would not be the solution.
ncwAuthor Commented:
I think your suggestion of tools --> options --> maintainence --> store folder might just do it. I'll get them to try it out.
make back up of all emails before changing store folder or before working on it
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