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Resource For implementing Spanning Tree

Hi Experts,
Do you have A good Resource that describe How implementing Spanning Tree on Layer 2 from OSI Model?

Best Regards
Hamid Reza

2 Solutions
123456Author Commented:
Sorry if I have Some Mistakes on Telling MY question.
PLease Tell me a link that describe what is the  spanning tree on ?

I will award Another 50 points.
Here, ill just describe it..

STP is used to prevent ethernet frames from looping when redundant paths are provided between switches.  Plain and simple, thats what it does.

Say you have 3 switches, all connected to one another, in a pyramid shape.

If you did not have STP, you could loop an ethernet frame, due to the fact a frame has the ability to come back to itself.  STP creates a spanning tree of interfaces that forward or block frames as it receives them.  STP will pick what interfaces should forward, and which ones shouldnt, that way the frames are not looped.

You can also use STP for redundancy in the sense of connecting 2 ports between each switch, and letting STP block one of them.  Granted, etherchannelling is a much better solution, you can use STP for it.
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Good explanation zerofield
123456Author Commented:
Thanks For Your Answer.

Read the book "Interconnections" by Radia Perlman. It's an all-time geek classic!
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