EASY: limitations of applets

I've read that applets have several restrictions in the way they can interact with other entities.

The applet I want to create must be able to exchange data through a socket with an underlying C++ application (on the SAME SERVER), elaborate it and present under a graphical vest to the user.

Can I do without signing my applet?

If I can't, what language should I consider for an interface such as the one I described?
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sammmygConnect With a Mentor Commented:

 you can only do this with unsigned applet if and only if applet is stored on local disk AND communication attempts are made with the same local machine.  (the one your applet is both stored and running on)

your problem though is going to be when the applet is viewed by a client the connection attempt will throw a SecurityException
>>Can I do without signing my applet?

It is not possible
Tommy BraasCommented:
Hi Emanuele_Ciriachi,

You are in luck. You can do what you're describing without signing your applet.


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Emanuele_CiriachiAuthor Commented:
sammmyg provided a detailed answer, while oranghead basically just said "yes"; thus I give the points to the last one.
Emanuele_CiriachiAuthor Commented:
Looks like you were wrong, every time I try to load the applet I get the following java.security.AccessControlException: access denied.

Even if the communication process takes place on the same machine I get this error...
That is the reason I said It is not possible ;-)
Emanuele_CiriachiAuthor Commented:
right, looks like you had the last word after all... you are not a Java Guru for nothing!
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