How do I add a path entry?


Right now, to resize an image, I have to use the following:

         /home/tools/gm-1.1.3/bin/gm convert bigpic.jpg  -resize 100x50 +profile "*" thumbnail.jpg

I don't want to have to include the full path.  Instead, I would like to use the following:

         gm convert bigpic.jpg  -resize 100x50 +profile "*" thumbnail.jpg

This needs to work for all users, including nobody.

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mmarthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
copy the /home/tools/gm-1.1.3/bin contents to /usr/bin

or you can make a soft link like this:

# ln -s /home/tools/gm-1.1.3/bin/gm /usr/bin/gm

either way should work
hankknightAuthor Commented:
So, I should log in with root access and type in the following command?

           ln -s /home/tools/gm-1.1.3/bin/gm /usr/bin/gm

Is that right (I don't want to mess anything up!)

You don't have to logout from your normal user session. You can do:

$ su -
Password: (input root pasword here)

This will give you root access :D (will switch you in the console to the root account actually... su means switch user)

# ln -s /home/tools/gm-1.1.3/bin/gm /usr/bin/gm

and then you can exit from the root account with "exit" as follows:

root@localhost # exit
user@localhost $

hankknightAuthor Commented:

Now, how can I undo this in the future when I no longer need the graphics tool?
to remove the link the following command must be issued:

# rm /usr/bin/gm

If you copied the directory contents, you must remove them from the /usr/bin directory with the rm command. If you did this, I recommend to undo it now, and create the link, because is easier to manage the link than the binary contents of the file.

Be happy :D

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