SBS 2003, Exchange OMA and Active sync problem

I'm trying to set up mobile access on our Exchange server (SBS 2003). When I try to access the https://my domain/oma, I get the following error:

"Outlook(R) Mobile Access is supported only on Microsoft(R) Exchange Server 2003. Currently your mailbox is stored on an older version of Exchange server. Please contact your system administrator for additional assistance."

Also, when I try to sync a pda with the server, I get the http_500 error in active sync. Help!
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Hi Haveland,

I've not been able to recreate this myself, but I found an article about it :

Here's an excerpt:
make sure the the exchangevdir  registry value under  
is present and correct.  
It should be set to the following if its an SBS Server.  
ExchangeVDir  Type: Reg_SZ  
Data: /exchange-oma  
Make sure that the virtual directory specified in the registry value is  present under the default website in IIS Manager.  

Hope this helps
HavelandAuthor Commented:
Hi scampgb,
I've already checked this and the values are correct.
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HavelandAuthor Commented:
One more thing, I recieve this error in the event log when I try to access the OMA web.

EventID: 1802
Source: MSExchangeOMA
User [user]@[domain] has Microsoft(R) Exchange server [Servername], which is not running Exchange Server 2003. That server is not accessible by Outlook(R) Mobile Access.

The oma web has worked before, but after I created a new certificate for SSL connection, it doesn't. I don't think the certificate is the problem though, because it looks ok and I can connect to the server through SSL.
Do you have more than one Exchange server in your domain?

Is [Servername] above the name of the only Exchange server you have, and that one is running OMA?
The message seems to suggest that the mailbox for this user is on a different server.
HavelandAuthor Commented:
I followed Microsoft article: 817379, and created a secondary virtual directory for Exchange, and then added a registry value to point to the new virtual directory. It's now working correctly.
RomMod:  Fine with me.
Haveland: Glad you got it sorted :)
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