SQL handle Punctuation?

Posted on 2004-10-15
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Hey there,

I have a question about handling punctuation in SQL..

I want the SQL to be able to handle phrases such as "Dean's List" (including the apostrophe).

My current sql string is:

sql = new String("select distinct DIVISION_NAME from people_db.V_DEPARTMENT where DEPARTMENT_NAME="' + someDeptString()"' and  
sql = sql +"order by DIVISION_NAME";

I keep getting this error:

EvaluateExpression failed: <com.webobjects.jdbcadaptor.OraclePlugIn$OracleExpression: "select distinct DIVISION_NAME from people_db.V_DEPARTMENT where DEPARTMENT_NAME= 'Dean's Office' and INSTITUTION_LABEL= 'HR' ">: Next exception:SQL State:42000 -- error code: 933 -- msg: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

How can I handle the apostrophes properly?

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Question by:jmc430
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Expert Comment

ID: 12325662
When coding SQL, you must enter a pair of single quotes whenever you wish to place a single quote within a character string.  In your case, since you are pulling your string from the database to execute dynamically, you must use the REPLACE function to replace any occurrence of one single-quote with a pair of single-quotes.

Here's how I would modify your statement:

sql = new String("select distinct DIVISION_NAME from people_db.V_DEPARTMENT where DEPARTMENT_NAME="' + Replace(someDeptString(), chr(39), chr(39)+chr(39)) + "' and INSTITUTION_LABEL="'+Replace(someInstitutionString(), chr(39), chr(39)+chr(39)) +"'");
sql = sql +"order by DIVISION_NAME";

I hope this solves your problem.

-- Brian

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Expert Comment

ID: 12331437
Setting Quoted_Identifier off can deal with your problem here:




Author Comment

ID: 12338045
hi brian ..

am i incorrectly implementing this?

the sql select statement you suggested gave me 6 same compilation errors:
(i cut and paste and just replaced my variable names)

cannot resolve symbol: method chr (int)

am i doing something wrong?

thanks so much for your help!


Accepted Solution

stewartwb earned 125 total points
ID: 12339967

I'm assuming you are using Oracle's PL/SQL variant of the SQL.  From the online documentation:

Oracle/PLSQL: Chr Function
The chr function is the opposite of the ascii function.  It returns the character based on the ASCII NUMBER code.

The syntax for the chr function is:
chr (number_code)

number_code is the NUMBER code used to retrieve the character.

For example:

chr (116); would return 't'.
chr (84); would return 'T'

If you continue to have trouble with the chr() function, try specifying the apostrophes as a string. When formatted this way, your statement would be:

sql = new String("select distinct DIVISION_NAME from people_db.V_DEPARTMENT where DEPARTMENT_NAME="' + Replace(someDeptString(), '''', '''''') + "' and INSTITUTION_LABEL="'+Replace(someInstitutionString(), '''', '''''') +"'");
sql = sql +"order by DIVISION_NAME";

The second parameter of the Replace method has four apostrophes, the third has six.

Finally, are you sure you should be using double-quotes around your strings?  You might try the following instead:

sql = new String('select distinct DIVISION_NAME from people_db.V_DEPARTMENT where DEPARTMENT_NAME=''' + Replace(someDeptString(), '''', '''''') + ''' and INSTITUTION_LABEL='''+Replace(someInstitutionString(), '''', '''''') +'''');
sql = sql + ' order by DIVISION_NAME ';

And don't forget to add a space before the  ' order by DIVISION_NAME'  clause at the end.

In T-SQL, I ran the following script to test my code.  Here is the script and the output:

declare @str1 varchar(30), @str2 varchar(30)
set @str1 = 'Dick''s Sports'
set @str2 = 'Bob''s Garage'

select 'select distinct DIVISION_NAME from people_db.V_DEPARTMENT where DEPARTMENT_NAME=''' + Replace(@str1, '''', '''''') + ''' and INSTITUTION_LABEL='''+Replace(@str2, '''', '''''') +''''

select distinct DIVISION_NAME from people_db.V_DEPARTMENT where DEPARTMENT_NAME='Dick''s Sports' and INSTITUTION_LABEL='Bob''s Garage'

I hope this helps.
-- Brian

Author Comment

ID: 12506173
apologies for the delay .. i thought i granted the points earlier.

thanks for your help!!


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