2000 Pro Workstation Loses Time Sync w/ 2000 Server

I have a logon script (net time batch file) set in Active Directory for a user to run.  It works correctly at the workstation for certain (I even set the time incorrectly and watched it change!).  However, after 5 or more days, the time at this workstation starts creeping back up by about 5-6 minutes.  I can see the batch file running at startup still, but it appears nothing is happening.  

The user is just a Domain User and does not have privileges to change the time.  There is one GPO set up for time on the server, but I don't think it's doing anything actively, especially since that batch file worked when I first ran it.

Is there anything I need to do at this user's workstation?  What do I do to troubleshoot?  Thanks very much!
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Debsyl99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This workstation should be set to automatically sync it's time with the dc, so somethings not right. At a command prompt on the client type "net time" (without the "") - the response will tell you if it can find a time server (should be the dc). Then try at a command prompt - "net time /setsntp:yourdcname" - note what happens. It should then connect and sync the time. Typing net time again as previously will let you know.
Time sync is essential for kerberos authentication as you probably know. Default time skew is usually 5 minutes difference from the server - any more you have problems with authentication,
The Windows Time Service
2273 » Windows 2000 registry entries for the W32Time service
Hope that helps for a start,

Deb :))
msiceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In the login file for your clients you could put this in:

net time \\your_domain_server_name /set /yes

This will time sync the workstation to the server every login.
lynntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:

This is because your Time Zone is not set properly on the client workstation\Automatically adjust clock for day light saving changes.

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amann44Author Commented:

Does "Automatically adjust clock for day light savings" need to be enabled or disabled?

If it's enabled on the server, enable it on ALL the workstation.

This will take care of it net time \\your_domain_server_name /set /yes as it will make the workstation look at the servers time ste the server to auto ajust the timezone.
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