Outlook 2003 smtp server times out sending email, receive error 0x8004210B or 0x800ccc19

My Outlook 2003 fails to send emails if they are original emails larger then half page, all reply emails, attachements files, or photographs. This problem has been present for email greater then 1MB (my ISP limit is set at 25MB) for some time, but have updated to svc pack 2 for XP and Office 2003, now I can virtually send nothing. I can send the test message and small original emails. I have maximized my time out setting without effect.

I have three computers on my LAN, all running XP with svp 2 - all three have the problem. I have uninstalled svp 2 on one computer, still had the problem. I have uninstalled my virus scan (McAfee), my firewall (McAfee) and the svp 2 firewall. Still had the problem. I have bypassed my router directly to the cable modem without a change. I have used outlook express setting up my email account and still have the problem. I have uninstalled and installed outlook, and even the entire Office 2003, without improvement. I have returned one of my computers to a set point two weeks ago, prior to the service pack installation, and still have the problem.

I have called my ISP provider. They are able to send large files using my account without difficulty. I ping their server without difficulty. My ISP says everything is working from their end. Even if I try to send emails from my ISP's webmail server, they will not send.

I contacted my local tech provider, payed him to come to my home, he was unable to identify the problem - BUT we were able to send email via a different ISP provider and that seemed successful.

I have reviewed several tech websites and have tried a few of their suggestions without improvement.  Short of reloading XP and starting from scratch, I don't know what else to do.  I'm looking forward to your suggestions.
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Have you recreated your profile in outlook ?

Backup all data , go to control panel --> mail --> show profiles
delete the profile ,recreate one and then import data and recreate email account  and see if that would help

Have you checked other possible solutions here

How to troubleshoot error messages that you receive when try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and in Outlook Express

So only sending emails with attachments is the issue , is it ?

Have you increased the server timeouts going to the advance properties of the account and does it help ?

msheinAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your prompt answer.

I have recreated my profile. It did not seem to help.

I have already read that page from microsoft and I have done everything except unload and reload outlook express.

This problem occurs with all emails of an size greater then 25kb, regardless of whether they are attachments or not.

My server time out is set at 10min - the maximum.

If I terminate mcvsescn.exe from the task manager window (a mcafee virus scan exe file) then larger emails can be sent, but very slowly and after several attempts. I do not find that a solution, however.

I dont not have a satisfactory solution so far. I will try to reload outlook express and see if that helps.

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

msheinAuthor Commented:
I have no unloaded and reloaded outlook express without a change...and this problem exists on all three of my computers on the network - they do not all have the same configuration or software - however, all are running XP service pack 2, McAfee and Outlook 2003. The problem started after loading service pack and office 2003.
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>> The problem started after loading service pack and office 2003.

Did you mean Sp1 for office 2003 ?

Did you uninstall outlook or outlook express ? Both are different email clients ..

Possibly mcafee could be the culprit .. have you tried to get the latest updates for mcafee or even reinstalled it to see if that would help ...

check for any add-ins that you might have installed in outlook.... remove it and see the change ..

msheinAuthor Commented:
I have uninstalled office 2003, returned to a set point 2 months ago, removed Mcafee and reinstalled it, and that did not change it.  Have uninstalled and reinstalled both outlook express and outlook 2003, that did not change it.

This problem occurs with all three of my computers on my network - one has not had XP service pack installed the other two have, one uses nortan antivirus and outlook express, the other two use mcafee and outlook 2003. All three will not send emails if they are: large original mail, replies, or have attachements. They will send if the email is very small in size. This  problem still occurs if the router is bypassed and one computer is hooked directly into the cable modem.

All software is up-to-date with the latest patches etc... Firewall (both windows and mcafee), virus scan (both norton and mcafee), had been removed and the problem remained. Outlook and outlook express are set to the maximum time out limit, out going email is not being scanned if the virus scan is installed.

There are no add-ins installed in either email client.

ISP: My ISP can send email to me using my account without difficulty. I can send large email and attachments through another ISP provider, but not my own. I cannot send webmail through my ISP's website either.

I'm at a loss - my local tech is at a loss - my ISP techs are at a loss, and I still cant send email unless it's the size of a pea.
So anything above 25KB is an issue eventhough ur ISP has set the limit as 25MB ??

Not sure if we discussed this or not , what error message do you get in the send/receive dialog box when large email is not being able to send by outlook or does it just get stuck in outbox ?

Do you have pop3 or imap and have you deleted and created that account again to see if it would help ?

msheinAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure we've solved the problem - but when my ISP provider "looked" at the cable modem, they saw two IP addresses when only one computer was connected. The reset - rebooted - the cable modem and the email was sent succesfully. This only lasted for a few hours, and then it was back to the same problem.

The ISP provider said that "It makes no sense why resetting this cable modem should make any difference in your outgoing mail only." I said, I don't care if it makes sense, when you reset it, my email works.  They've now replaced my cable modem with a new one. We'll see if it fixes the problem.

If it doesn't - what could be the issue that when the cable modem is rebooted, the outgoing email works??

I guess something in your internet connection might be blocking..Inside outlook you have this Outgoing mail server authentication. If ISP has changed something then that might be the case..

let us see there could be an issue with cable modem also..

Since now they have changed the cable modem, try to restart your machine , shutdown cable modem and then check if everything would be fine.. Wait and see.
msheinAuthor Commented:
The cable modem has been replaced, and *cross my fingers*, in 24 hours we've been able to send email without any difficulty. So, it seems that there was something wrong with the modem - or how it connected, talked, or otherwise interacted with my network. The ISP guy was dumbfounded and repeatedly said, "it doesn't make sense." But, hey, I don't care, it seems to be fixed now.
Glad you got it solved
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