Problems with Nero And SP2

I am having problems with Nero and Windows SP2.  I recently format my computer and I installed a fresh copy of windows xp, them I istalled the SP2 as well.
After installing Nero ( the latest version ) avery time I open Nero Burning ROm the computer RESTART!!
I unistalled Nero and re-installed but the problem is the same.

Can somebody help me on this?

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I also have nero and WinXP Pro.
I recently updated to SP2.
Nero works fine, only thing is now each time i run it, it gives me warning that nero is not compatible with this version of windows, however if i ignore it, it works fine.

So, in my understanding Nero can work with XP-SP2. there must be some other reason you are having this error.
Try to restore your windows before you install the SP2 and then install nero and then upgrade to SP2.

My Hardware:
  AMD Athlon XP 3000+

Hello facasi0277 =)

try this, Right click My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Startup and Recovery Settings and uncheck Automatically Restart.
Restart and now open Nero and check if its showing a BSOD with some Stop Error code or not ??
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Hello facasi0277,

Nero and XP SP2 have some compatibilty issues that have been acknowledged by both Nero and Microsoft. I believe you can fix the problem by downloading a free upgrade patch from Nero's website. The patch upgrade was released on September 20th 2004 (hardly a month back), and can be downloaded from this location: 

This url describes the bug fixes that they have issued in this version, and has the note about resolving compatibilty problems with Win XP SP2 : 

Thanks and Good Luck!

facasi0277Author Commented:
The first trial was according with the message from SheharyaarSaahi, a blue windows error screen came out and this error was " BAD_POOL_HEADER"
hmmm try this, boot ur system in safemode, and open NERO, does it crash there also ??
if no then restart back in normal mode, and goto Start>Run>servies.msc
and right clcik on Microsoft Indexing service and click properties
set the startup type to Disabled and close
restart and now check for the problem ??
>> Start>Run>servies.msc

facasi0277Author Commented:
SheharyaarSaahil, I made both test but the same results.. in both cases the computer restart when I hit the nero burning room buttom.

Any thoughts?
facasi0277 did you check for upgrades to your Nero software on Nero's site as I suggested before.. ?
facasi0277Author Commented:
Yes.. I have the latest version with the updates..
facasi,,,, SP2 is not good with the old drives and drivers,,,, make sure u have the latest drivers for ur mothboard and if there is any firmware upgrade for ur CD and DVD drives,,,, install them also.... Nero has been seen working with SP2 without problems,,,,, but where it creates problems,,,, reasons can be the devices and not software :-/
Asta CuCommented:
I've upgraded to XP SP2 and love it, but not before doing my homework and testing for compatibility in terms of HW and SW first; and where needed, getting updated patches, drivers, etc.  So highly recommend that.

I just want to be sure that everyone who has upgraded to XP SP2 knows that there is still some FREE Microsoft for that upgrade, unless it is OEM installed, at which point the responsibility lies with the OEM to resolve.  Not for points, just to be sure this is known and the free resource used, where applicable and while it lasts.

Hopefully Experts here can (or have) help(ed) you, but it may be worth some time to check out your FREE options here in the event it is an issue that requires escalation to Microsoft for a solution that doesn't yet exist.  I'm not sure how long this will be free, and have used the Tech Chat interface and been happy.  But as always, your call.

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