Trouble compiling rdesktop on Mandrake 10.2

I am using gcc to compile and here's the error that I get

[dallas@drstravel rdesktop-1.3.1]$ ./configure
rdesktop build configuration script

ERROR: could not find X Window System headers
(searched for include/X11/Xlib.h in:  /usr/X11R6 /usr/X11 /usr/openwin /usr /usr/local/X11R6 /usr/local/X11 /usr/local)
You probably need to install the XFree86-devel package
[dallas@drstravel rdesktop-1.3.1]$
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ITG-SSNAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then you have an incorrect media setup in your urpmi.

Reconfigure URPMI and try again...or try 'urpmi XFree86' and choose...

Here's what I get on a correctly configured system:

[root@mail gogotools]# urpmi XFree86
Everything already installed
[root@mail gogotools]# urpmi XFree86-devel
Everything already installed
[root@mail gogotools]#

Here's my script, but I'm using 10.0, so you should be sure before using this exact script. Better to use the easy configurator linked above, then create your own script. After creating the you need to chmod 755, then run the script until it stops erroring. Note if you have trouble, you may have a firewall restricting you, so you can use the --wget switch on the configurator to add that switch to each line of the new script. This will usually prevent CURL from barfing on the firewall.

[root@mail gogotools]# cat ~/
urpmi.update -a -c
urpmi.addmedia --update updates with ../base/
urpmi.addmedia main ith ../base/
urpmi.addmedia contrib ith ../../i586/Mandrake/base/


~K Black
The error message  tells you whats wrong. You need to install the XFree86-devel rpm from your installation cdroms.
smetterdAuthor Commented:
I know, but I can't find that package. Where can I download it?
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smetterdAuthor Commented:
Seems like I have to be a member to download from there. Is there somewhere I can download it for free?
From command line type

urpmi XFree86-devel

as root

smetterdAuthor Commented:
[dallas@dell004a dallas]$ su
[root@dell004a dallas]# urpmi XFree86-devel
no package named XFree86-devel
[root@dell004a dallas]#
smetterdAuthor Commented:
Right on. And thanks for the URPMI lesson - I am a recovering asp programmer, a recovering windows xp user, and a recovering MCSE.

Hi again,

Thanks! Let me know if you experience complications.

Occasionally, I've had to add a line to on certain systems so that it refreshes it's cached RPMI

urpmi.update -c -a

Note that more adventurous sysadm can add the following line to crontab -e, and get a really up to date system:

* * * * 0 /usr/sbin/urpmi --auto-update

Have a good time!

~K Black
Irvine, Ca.
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