Win XP Shuts Down

Hi All

I have a WinXP Pro wile I am working on it I get a window that appears saying Directway Internet cable is unplugged and it shuts down then restarts??

I think I have loads of spyware or such on my computer I have purchased and ran PestPatrol standard Edition but the problem is still there.

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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you feel you have not checked for virus and spyware for a considerable period of time , do that first

If that solves the issue fine otherwise there could be other factors.

Before scanning for spywares , check for virus

virus scanner:
When you scan for virus,do all the below in both Normal mode and Safe mode.

a) Update your virus definitions in your Anti-virus and run it.

b) Download Stinger from here :  and run it.

c) Use this Online virus scanner also :

It is advisable to search for virus and spywares both in normal and safe mode. If your normal mode gets restarted then try doing in safe mode .

If that doesnot solve the issue , check this
one of the best source to check when shutdown occurs in windows xp

Hello Buggar =)

Well first thing, Are u really sure its a virus or spyware, coz its looking like a hardware problem to me :-?
do this, Right click My Computer>Properties>Advanced>Startup and Recovery Settings and uncheck Automatically Restart.

Now restart ur machine and go online to check if it still restarts or gives a BSOD !!
if BSOD then its a hardware problem and may be u need the updated drivers for ur modem or networking card :)
SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
and if still it restarts in the same way then i have to agree with u that a backgroudn process is doing this,
try this, goto Start>Run>msconfig>Startup and untick all applications except for ur antivirus and firewall software !!
restart and download these tools and then run them in safemode to check if they report anything bad in ur system, delete all that junk :)

AdAware ==>
SpyBot  ==>
CoolWebShredder ==>
Stinger ==>

For more info, check this EE Official Link on How to Troubleshoot Spywares\Adwares and Browser Hijacking Issues,

Post Back & Good Luck :)
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BuggarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the Info SheharyaarSaahil, I am having a good run withno shutdown's this morning, do you think it might be my computer getting too hot, as I live in Australia NT where outside temps get up to above 40deg C? I have aircon but the temp may not be cool enough at say around midday?
But why the Directway message?
I have Vet anti-virus but there is a red X on all on start up, I have contacted vet by email 4 days ago with no reply, can you help withy this as well?

> But why the Directway message?

Sorry to answer as the question was directed towards shehary ..

it could be simple internet disconnection message when the computer shuts down.. If that message comes just before the computer restarts or shutdown , i would think it is perfectly normal..
hmmmm if it was over heating why are u getting the error :)
and as far as Vet is concerned,,,, mostly av scans behave like this in case of virus or when they need a good uninstalltion and reinstalltion :)
The anti virus seems to be disabled u can reinstall it
Try to installl a hardware monitor if u know ur motherboard type
Try a tool that can check ur pc for worms
HypoviaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:

With VET that X effectively means it is disabled. I had a similar problem on my grandfathers PC and despite my efforts, i found the best way of getting it working properly was a good reinstall. While the X is on you won't get automatic updates either.

The other reason why computers often suddenly shut down is if the the front side bus (FSB) frequency does not match the RAM frequency. You can check this by entering the BIOS - del key at startup usually. To check it have a look and make sure that the memory frequency is set to automatic. You BIOS should tell you the results of the memory and FSB frequencies - if they match then this would not be the cause of you shut down. If you memory frequency is not on automatic set it to automatic and this may fix your problem.

...and isn't Australia a great country?


chicagoanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"a load of spyware" - I have to agree with Hypoviax - copy your data and start from scratch.
Reinstall the OS
Run the PC OFF the net for a while to see if it's overheating.
AIDA and similar utilities can read the CPU temp. Check it while doing something that strains the CPU like benchmaks.
You may need to reseay your CPU fan, get a better one or add cooling fans.
If all goes well:
Use a hardware firewall.
Install all Windows Updates.
Install antivirus - the newer packages help control adware and spyware.
Just say NO when prompted to install something while surfing.
knoxj81Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In this case, lucky you can answer and solve the questions/problems you are having here.

- "do you think it might be my computer getting too hot, as I live in Australia NT where outside temps get up to above 40deg C? "
//> The best thing for this question would be to install Motherboard Monitor:
This program will show you what tempature your CPU is, as well as what temp is normal for your CPU. For example. my AMD XP 3000+ runs @ 38c , idle it should be 42c, So I'm running 4c cooler than normal.

- "But why the Directway message?"
//> Sounds like your signal is being dropped or interrupted. Being on a sattilite modem this types are problems are common. Try this site for tips on troubleshooting your modem:,10882786~mode=flat~start=0

Spyware/Virus Issue:
I would uninstall VET and download and install something a little more current. I'm going to list a few program and sites to help you in security decisions. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or concerns you may have.
Kaspersky Antivirus 5.0 (new version)
This program is the best by far. It updates every 3 hours, scans web browser scripts also.
I've tested many other virus scanners through the years and this is by far the best.

AVG is also a great virus scanner (more for home user) not to mention they have a wonderful FREE edition.

Sygate Personal Firewall Pro - Compared to ZoneAlarm or Nortons which both have tons of exploits to drop their service like a fly. Sygate is the choice for a software firewall.

Sygate has a home editon for free as well.

If you can afford it by the PRO version, the extra feature AD-WATCH is well worth it for it monitors your registry and notifies you of any changes made allowing you to ALLOW or REJECT the request on the fly.

RegistryProt 2.0 -
This is a free program to monitor all changes to registry. This is a must in security for you windows machine. Big help in eliminating spyware, Trojans, backdoors, etc..

BHO Demon -  (mirrored)
This is a must now-a-days if your running Internet Explorer! BHO is used in a lot of the recent IE exploits as well as keyloggers. Windows XP SP2 offers something along these lines, but why trust M$.

Backup Browser:
Mozilla Firefox –
It’s always a good idea to have a backup browser. Incase your default browser has exploits and your waiting for patches, or maybe your default browser isn’t working.

References: -Everyday info on the latest exploits/virus/security issues. - perfect for advisories and the best security software. - Every program a nerd could think of!! – Great Software firewall. – Best AV on the market. – Best spyware removal program. – Wonderful FREE AV.

Good luck with you tasks,

BuggarAuthor Commented:
Hi All
Thank you for all the info I've been a bit snowed under the last few days, my computer is working ok right now.

I will get ont it this afternoon and give out the points etc.

Thanks again.

Just to clarify, when i said a reinstall i meant you're antivirus software (not the whole OS)



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