How does PostgreSQL compare to MS SQL-MYsql-Interbase?

Currently looking to standardize on a database that will scale as our application grows. Anticipated DB size could have the potential to grow to several Terabytes (emails, images, .wav files, documents, etc), initially DB size will probably not exceed a few hundred Gigabytes. In order of importance of feature functionality: reliability (uptime), scalability, and speed.

Looking for objective opinion/resource comparing PostgreSQL to MS SQL, MYsql, and Interbase. Assuming all things equal, do not include OS as part of the comparison.
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gnudiffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have used Oracle for the past 3 years, MySQL for the last year, and Postgres for the past 7 years.

Out of those 3, I would still pick Oracle for large-scale enterprise applications, if the cost is not a factor, simply because its enterprise-level features are more easily tunable and more convienient to use.

For all the rest of cases I would go Postgres.

A guy in my company, who deals with some medium-large scale applications in MSSQL and Oracle (and has a heap of certifications from Microsoft, MCDA including, btw), recently was looking for some cheaper alternatives to Oracle. He tried Postgres and up to now (3 months since switch) is completely happy.

As regards MySQL, I have worked with for the last year, as I say, and compared to Postgres, not to mention Oracle, it is simply not there. I can not find any reasons for using it, if I have Postgres available.

If I don't need any "fancy" features like ACIDs, subqueries, foreign keys, triggers or stored procedures, then I still have no pain from using Postgres.
If I need any of them, I know they are there and they WORK in Postgres.
And I know some of them are there and MIGHT work in newer versions of MySQL.

By the way, if you have MySQL handy, try this query:


And tell me, if the result is what you expected. I found this bug accidentally, and from what I gathered from other people using MySQL, it is still there from version which introduced UNIONs up to the newest versions.

earth man2Commented:
postgresql new release 8 has numerous improvements and has to be the (imho) best open source database.  Features from contributors like ODBC, JDBC, Slony-I replication and pljava make it easy to port existing software to use postgresql as a new backend database.

Web programming is supported with php/jdbc module.

Highly ANSI SQL compatible.
earth man2Commented:
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