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How do I go about securing e-mail authentication on my LAN? I am using a Dell Poweredge server running W2K server with 3 hosts.

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pakitlossConnect With a Mentor Commented:

To secure the outside against relaying it is usually typacal to have your users authenticate before they can send mail. Open Exchange Manager:

1)Expand "Servers"
2)Expand "thenameofyourserver" (ie.mail.com or mail)
3)Expand "Protocols"
4 Expand "SMTP"
5 Right click "default SMTP virtual server" and select "Properties"
6) Click on the "Access" tab and then the "Relay" button.
7) Be sure "Only the list below" is checked.
8) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Check the "Allow all computer which successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above. This may look a little scary at first but the list above is an access list and the check box forces users to have to use a password to send mail. The password will be the same as the POP3 password if you are allowing mail from the outside. Exchange will take care of everything on the inside. If you are only sending mail from the inside then add your LAN address to the list (ie. This can be done by clicking "Add" and selecting "Group of Computers".

Here is a great site for all things Exchange:
and http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/MF005.html which explains this subject in more detail.

Hope this helped Peter. If I missed your point please let me know.


Please give some more information about your setup? What are you using for email? (ie.Exchange?) who hosts it?. Describe as musch as possible.

Peter_FabriAuthor Commented:
I am using Microsoft Exchange 2003. I recently registered a domain name and want to use my Exchange to send/receive e-mail using my domain as part of the e-mail address.

Thanks Peter,

Glad to have been of help.

Take care,
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