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CR-RW Won't write

Problem: Simply cannot write to CD..

Have Compaq Presario 6450 NX
Windows XP Pro SP2 (NOT the CPQ Distro build that came with the PC)

What I have done (working with HP support):
Updated System BIOS. Before this, both drives showed up only as "CD-ROM". Now at least they are fully recognized.
Installed Roxio CD Creator 6 Basic. It recognizes the drive, but when I try to actually "burn" the files, it pops up a message (please insert blank disk) - with a blank disk in it.. (yes, I tried multiple blank disks, and tried removing, reinserting another then while the message was up)
Same error message with XP's (Roxio) built-in burning capability. Error 'please insert blank disk'
If I put in a blank disk first, it takes a minute, but up pops the dialog "you've inserted a blank disk, what do you want to do?" I choose create a data disk, launch Roxio, select my files, hit the Burn button, and bang! "please insert disk"

HP had me download a Lite-on firmware update. I run the upate executable, and it errors out:
  No matched drive detected!
  This utility is only for LITE-ON LTR48246S drive  <-===!!!!

  Detected drives:
    1-0: LITE-ON LTR48246S  <===!!!!=HELLO!==>
    1-1: HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR8161B
              [    OK    ]

OK, next - download and install this patch from Microsoft:
<=Sorry, this patch is not for XP SP2! =>

OK, next - run sfc /scnnow
Results: Files that are required for Windows to run properly need to be
copied to the DLL Cache
Insert your Windows XP Professional CD now

Well - I don't HAVE the exact same CD that I used to build the system on day 1. I have MS MSDN subscript and I used an MSDN kit CD. That CD was superceded by one that has SP1 already in it, so that's the only one I have at my disposal at the moment. I get an error back that "this isn't the CD you used when you installed XP" and it won't take it...

EVERYTHING else on this sytem works flawlessly.
I think I have two options - go buy another CD-RW and replace the one that's in there now
or, do an in-place re-install of XP SP1, then re-install SP2..

What say ye, oh wise ones?

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1 Solution
>> XP's (Roxio) built-in burning capability

Are you mentioning about Roxio or windows xp's built in CD writing ?

have you ever been able to write CDs using windows xp builtin CD writing ...

If yes, did you do any chances to the system (hardware or software) after which this issue started ?

I remember once i turned off all applications going to startup tab in msconfig and that stopped the CD writing capability of windows xp. I mean the inbuilt one...

Have you got the latest update for windows xp inbuilt CD writing..
See if this can help regarding sfc issue :

lrmooreAuthor Commented:
No. Actually, the drive never worked. It's my wife's computer and she never really had a need for it until the other day.
When I first got the PC, I took out the hard drive that came with it and put in the one from her old PC and then did an inplace install of XP for all the hardware changes. Wife was happy that it was fast and that all her apps worked and she didn't lose anything. We just never tried writing to a CD..
XP's built-in CD writing capability is actually a Roxio product..

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Have you tried the cd-rw that is not working in a different computer to see if it would work ?
> No. Actually, the drive never worked.

I am not sure if you meant
a) you have never tested writing in that CD-RW
b) You had tried it sometime back and found it didnot do the writing..

TEsting it in another pc would help..
lrmooreAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the scanreg link. I'll give that a whirl and see what I can do..

Have not yet taken the steps to crack two cases to swap out the CD and see if I can get it to work in another PC..
It would be easier/quicker for me to simply buy a new one and put it in...

> It would be easier/quicker for me to simply buy a new one and put it in..

It really depends on what you want to do..

I guess it would be nice to test if the CDRW is the real problem or in other words hardware issue or there is something in the OS or application that is preventing the Cd writing..
that can be said as far as i can see , if it is tested on a different machine..

SInce you have already tried with different CDs , that may not be the case but as you know cd writers could be sensitive to different media and best to know is to ask the manufacturer what CDs they would recommend.

if you feel , you can save lot of time by not removing the hardware then it is just fine.. you save time.. which is also important..
lrmooreAuthor Commented:
I never actually even tried writing a CD till just the other day. Wife said she tried once before a while back and got an error, too..
So in that light, it has never worked...

lrmooreAuthor Commented:
Compaq/HP systems ship with a utility called PC Doctor that will perform all kinds of hardware tests on the system. Unfortunately, like I said, I'm not using the HP version of XP, so the PC Dr. application is not available to me.

Do you know of any other applications like the HP PC Doctor that can perform the hardware tests, but work on a generic HAL ?
> Wife said she tried once before a while back and got an error, too..

Interestingly to get this complicated enough , what was the error that she got ? is that same as what you get now ?
did she use inbuilt xp writing aswell ,
Any improvement in your case , Irmoore
lrmooreAuthor Commented:
I looked at several of those applications in the link you posted. None of them seem to provide any help specifically for the CD/RW hardware testing..
I may go buy a new drive this evening and see how that goes.

Thanks and stay tuned...
Hmm.. I thought this should have helped

will check more and if found will post back
Take a look at this
Nero CDspeed test integrity of CDROM files:

Source : http:Q_21039622.html 
just swap the drive
lrmooreAuthor Commented:
I got myself a new Memorex 8x DVD/CD RW w/ Nero 6
Downloaded the updates to Nero (first message out was "this version is incompatible with your version of operating system, you must update")
I'm happy to report that we are burning away!

SR, the scannow tip sheet that you refered me to helped. At least the sfc /scannow ran through and did it's thing.
Funny thing... Before I did that, the NeroCDSpeed tester at least recognized that there was a blank disk in the drive-but failed testing a write, but after running sfc, it wouldn't even recognize that there was a blank disk in it... go figure...

Life is good at this time. I've got a Lite-on CD/RW for sale -cheap!

Thanks SR!

Thanks irmoore.appreciate it .. may be should contact offline.. do email me which is in my profile.

check my question in Routers abt CISCO 3660 and please post if you can suggest
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