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Internet connection stops working after half an hour

Posted on 2004-10-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-14
I am having problems with my internet connection. When I first start my computer and use the internet it is perfectly fine and then after about a half an hour it will have trouble connecting to the next pages where I am trying to go. After half an hour it stops working  and then works again if I restart my computer. I am not sure if it is my internet or a virus. So basically it works for a half hour then it stops connecting to any websites or pages. I use ethernet. If you have any input on this problem that would be great.
Question by:viacapricorn
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Expert Comment

ID: 12335048
A complete virus scan (and spyware scan) with up to date virus list can't hurt.  Please describe how you connect to the Internet: dial-up, DSL, cable; router, directly connected to broadband, using university campus high speed port; ISP name, company or campus connection, etc., etc., etc.

Also, when it stops processing, go to the task bar and right click.  Choose task manager.  Do you see your browser listed?  Does it say NOT RESPONDING or RUNNING?

Author Comment

ID: 12344177
Hi, I do have norton anti virus and I did do a check, it said I do not have any viruses. I connect to the internet with university campus connection ethernet. I did the task bar check and it said that the internet was running. Also sometimes if I click the refresh button a few times the page will open up(sometimes). It is really weird I have half an hour to an hour of internet time and then after it just says cannot find server when I am trying to go to the next page. Even my aol instant messenger continues to work. If you have any more insight that would be great. Thank you!

Expert Comment

ID: 12344382
On IE, go to tools, internet options, connections tab, LAN settings.
Do you have any check marks on that panel, if so what are they and is there any text in those text boxes?

Does this happen anytime day or night?  Or just certain times of the day?

Also try going to tools, internet options and 'delete files' under Temporary files.  See if performance improves.
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Author Comment

ID: 12349093
OK under LAN settings one box was check marked and it said use a proxy server for your LAN. This problem happens anytime day or night it does not matter. I will also try the deleting files. get back to me, thanks

Expert Comment

ID: 12350387
See if you can reach the Internet without the proxy.  If you can't try adding this setting: Tools, Internet Options, General, Temporary Files, Settings, "Every Visit to Page".  See if this helps.  I have a feeling the problem is with the proxy server, but since only your campus support has access to it, you may have to start working through them to determine what the problem is.  You may also be loosing your connection to that server.  If these other settings don't work, you may want to download a ping tool to set up a continuous ping to your proxy server (assuming it responds in the first place).  You'd be looking for any drops.

My other theory is that you are setup on PPPoE and that can cause your IP to change every hour or so.  Check your setup documents to see if it mentions PPPoE anywhere.  Usually closing the browser and opening it back up again will bring up your pages... but that's a pain.

Author Comment

ID: 12361788
I did put the settings on every visit to page.....when it starts having trouble it seems like i only have to push refresh 1 or 2 times where before i would press it like 5 or 6 times...if that means anything at all.... but then it gets to the point after a few more minutes where refresh doesnt do anything anymore so it doesnt really make a difference......  also what is a ping tool....   any more advice?? thanks

Accepted Solution

AutoSponge earned 1000 total points
ID: 12364761
A ping tool is a program that sends continual pings to a device you specify at intervals you specify.  You would copy and paste the name of the server (without any /blah-blah/blah stuff at the end) into the host name box and tell it to ping every 5 seconds.  If you see that you are dropping packets, you may have a connectivity problem to the server instead of a problem with your computer.  This can be caused by any number of things.

Since you're in a campus environment, here are some things you can do to help isolate the problem:

1.  Have someone else plug their computer (as long as they don't have this problem) into your port.  Let it run for an hour or two and see if the problem still happens.
2.  Check all of your cables to make sure they don't appear damaged, if they are try replacing them.
3.  Move the NIC to another PCI port (if it's a separate card) or get a cheap (like $20) card and try it (never hurts to have an extra one around anyway for when you need that term paper finished and your NIC dies at 2am).

Expert Comment

ID: 12575475
I was having pretty much the same problem. I was browsing internet and randomly my internet would just stop working. Either reset of the computer or disable and then enable connection would help.

So try to manually set DNS server addresses.
Go to Local Area Connection, right click Properties, Internet Protocol Tcp/IP, Properties and set DNS server of your ISP.

To find out your ISP DNS go to START/RUN then type CMD

ipconfig /all

and check DNS servers.

I fixed my problem that way. I hope it helps.

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