Problem With POP3 On Fedora C2

I installed Fedora C2 with Imap/POP3, Spamassain & Squirrelmail, but when I try to log in to my pop server I can't authenticate.

[steven@host1 etc]$ telnet localhost 110
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
+OK Cyrus POP3 v2.2.3-Red Hat 2.2.3-11 server ready <>
user steven
+OK Name is a valid mailbox
pass ******
-ERR [AUTH] Invalid login
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What does /etc/imapd.conf contain? In particular what is the sasl_pwcheck_method?
steve918Author Commented:

Oct 17 22:23:07 host1 pop3[4808]: accepted connection
Oct 17 22:23:07 host1 master[4842]: about to exec /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/pop3d
Oct 17 22:23:07 host1 pop3[4842]: executed
Oct 17 22:23:12 host1 pop3[4808]: badlogin:[] plaintext steven SASL(-1): generic failure: checkpass failed
steve918Author Commented:
configdirectory: /var/lib/imap
partition-default: /var/spool/imap
admins: cyrus
sievedir: /var/lib/imap/sieve
sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
hashimapspool: true
sasl_pwcheck_method: saslauthd
sasl_mech_list: PLAIN
tls_cert_file: /usr/share/ssl/certs/cyrus-imapd.pem
tls_key_file: /usr/share/ssl/certs/cyrus-imapd.pem
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steve918Author Commented:
I turned on saslauthd service, but now I get this error.

user steve918
+OK Name is a valid mailbox
pass *****
-ERR [SYS/PERM] Unable to locate maildrop
steve918Author Commented:
I'll add 100pt if you can tell me where to find additional info about cyrus-imapd.  (Please don't say man imapd)
steve918Author Commented:
Ok, I used cyradm to create the mail boxes, but I don't see the mail i know i have on my machine.  May cyrus-imap isn't what i'm looking for at all.  All I want to be able to do is retrieve the mail in /var/mail/root via pop3 so I can print the logs that are being sent to root@localhost
steve918Author Commented:
now any emails that I send to go to /var/mail and not to the cyrus mailbox.
Info you can find here

steve918Author Commented:
I ended up just installing UW imap, I'm only going to have one user and it just suits my purpose alot better, cyrus is a bit overkill for what i'm trying to do.
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