how can i get the active connection number in tomcat poll connection?

in resin ,it will auto show the current active connection ,but in tomcat it can not show ,how can i know the active connection in tomcat!

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hgbdelphiAuthor Commented:
hi,experts,can help me again,thanks.
hgbdelphiAuthor Commented:
experts help me.
Create a session counter class that implements HTTPSessionListener.  Something like this:

public class SessionCounter implements HttpSessionListener
  int sessionCount=0;
public void sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent event)
   if (context==null)

public sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent event)

private storeInContext(HttpSessionEvent event)
  context.setAttribute("sessionCounter", this);

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hgbdelphiAuthor Commented:
to  MogalManic:
  thanks for your help,but i want to know the connection number in tomcat with database poll connection to sqlserver2000,how can i see the connection number???
I would stear clear of server specific functionality.  I'm sure there is a way to do what you want, but it would ONLY work in Tomcat.  If you switched to WebLogic, you would have to figure it out AGAIN.

The web Listener classes can notify you when settions are created/destroyed and attributes are added/removed.  Does each user create a session when they login?  If so then the session count is the usercount.

hgbdelphiAuthor Commented:
hi MogzlManic
  say sorry for my poll english,i want see the ConnectionPool information like this,
[08:16:49.765]   getConnection()
[08:16:49.765]    Check for timeout, activeCount=1, useCount=0
[08:16:49.765]    Found available connection
[08:16:49.765]    Return allocated connection, activeCount=1, useCount=1
[08:16:50.328]   releaseConnection(), activeCount=1, useCount=0

this information will autoshow in resin,but not show in tomcat,i want to see the information in tomcat ,how can i do it??

You are using the Tomcat Connection Pool?
hgbdelphiAuthor Commented:
It might not be possible.  I have the source at work and I will try to find the source code for Tomcat's connection pool.  One possiblity is to wrap the connection pool around your interface (basicaly a Facade).  In your interface keep track of the statistics:
Class MyConnectionPool {
   private ? tomcatPool;
   Set activeSet=new HashSet();

   public Connection GetConnection(...)
     if (useCount>maxUseCount)
        maxUseCount=useCount;"Pool Usage:"+useCount);
     Connection c=tomcatPool.getConnection(...);
     activeSet.put(new String(c.hashCode()); //Store Unique ID for each active Connection"Active Count:"+activeSet.size());
     return c;

  public Connection releaseConnection(...)
hgbdelphiAuthor Commented:
hi  MogalManic,
 thanks for your replay,can i get the connection number by another method and not only for tomcat connectionpoll sourcecode,like sqlserver2000 or some sql statement and another....

if i change the tomcat source code ,i think this is not some good idea.
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