Best proxy server/software to use for small office which already has a firewall and VPN solution installed.

Hi friends,

I have a small satellite office that has approx 20 users using a NAT ADSL connection without a proxy server, they connect directly to the firewall as their gateway.  I wish to implement a proxy server to monitor and restrict these users (or IP addresses) from going to certain sites and maybe restrict bandwidth for certain users.  Please give your opinions on what is the best approach for my requirements or any better alternatives.  Thanks
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, wrong link for Squid..
This is the correct link:

iNetshaper is a nice program that will do what you want. You can find more info on it here
First choice would be MS ISA2004 as a Proxy server if you have a Windows domain and a spare server.
Else, CCProxy is a good low-end product:

Else, the defacto standard is "squid" that you can get for linux or Windows

Check out smoothwall... not sure exactly all that you want... Has a good number of plugins for extra functionality..
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