XP SP2 corrupted install...shlwapi.dll error...

Client broght in Compaq Laptop...
CD drive does not work, so I cannot restore XP

Has XP Pro w/ SP2

On boot up to log on screen, then enter pw...
Then I get error message...  "Procedure entry point shcreatethreadref could not be locagted in shlwapi.dll"

Then the computer will show the wallpaper, no icons, no task bar, no start button...the cursor works in that it will move around the screen...

Also, it will not boot up into "Last Known Good"...

Reasearch found this...
This appears to have been caused by the following sequence of events:

1) You installed Windows XP Service Pack 2

2) The installation of Service Pack 2 failed due to a computer crash
during the installation which caused the automatic Service Pack Recovery
process. On next boot, you would have received an error message telling you
that the install failed, and you need to go to the control panel and
uninstall SP2 and then try re-installing it. This message may have been
dismissed accidentally or by another individual using your computer. In any
event, the Service Pack recovery process was not completed by uninstalling
the service pack from the add/remove programs control panel, and the system
is in a partially installed state which is not stable.

3) You then installed the latest security update for Windows XP,
MS04-038, KB834707. Because your system is still partially SP2, the SP2
version of this fix was downloaded and installed by Windows Update or
Automatic Updates. However, the operating system files on the system are
the original versions due to the SP Recovery process. This results in
mismatched files causing this error.

Well...this seemed like a good explanation, so I went forward as follows:

To recover the system, carefully do the following steps:

1.. Boot normally and attempt to log in to your desktop. At this point
you should get the error message listed above.
2.. Press Control+Alt+Delete at the same time to start the Task Manager.
You may get additional error messages but Task Manager will eventually
3.. On the menu bar, select File and then New Task (run).
4.. Type in "control appwiz.cpl" into the new task box and hit OK. You
may get additional errors that can be ignored.
5.. The Add/Remove Control Panel should now be running. You can close task
6.. Near the bottom of the list, find the entry titled "Windows XP
Hotfix - KB834707.
7.. Click on it and click the "Remove" button. It will take some time to
complete. Once the "Finish" button is visible, click on it and reboot your
system. If you get messages about additional software or hotfixes installed,
you can safely ignore them.

Do NOT stop now! Your system is still in the "failed SP2 install" state.
You MUST complete the SP2 uninstall, and then re-install SP2.

8.. Start the system and log in.
9.. Click on Start and then Control Panel.
10.. Click on the Add/Remove programs item.
11.. Near the bottom of the list, find the entry titled "Windows XP
Service Pack 2" entry.
12.. Click on it and remove Service Pack 2. You may get a warning about
software you have installed after SP2. Make a note of it as you may need to
reinstall some of if after the uninstall operation.
13.. After Service Pack 2 has been successfully removed, you should visit
http://www.microsoft.com/sp2install, for instructions on installing Service
Pack 2. You can get SP2 from http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.
14.. After Service Pack 2 has been successfully re-installed, you should
re-visit Windows Update to get the proper version of the latest critical
security updates.

So far I have not successfully gotten Windows XP Hotfix - KB834707 removed...

I have gone thru this process 4 times and no success...

I can see SP2 sitting in the Add Remove panel...

I guess the question is, should I remove SP2???...or at least try to remove it???

Not sure what to do now...so I am looking for ideas and suggestions...

Steve MutchlerIT TechAsked:
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Hello stevem5000 =)

Mostly we deal with this problem thru Recovery Cosnole as virtualguy has explained here >> http://www.experts-exchange.com/Operating_Systems/WinXP/Q_21169927.html

But as u said u dont have the CD, we cannot go on that route =\
So basically what has explained in the above PAQ, is to "Uninstall" sp2 from RC... and same is the case with u, u have to uninstall SP2.... so do it, and its better that instead of using Add Remove Programs, u do by the way described here !!

XP SP2: How to Remove or Uninstall Service Pack 2

Check if u can get rid of the error or not now ??
Good Luck :)
"So far I have not successfully gotten Windows XP Hotfix - KB834707 removed..."

What happens when you try to remove it? Do you get any kind of error message?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I just fixed this problem on a client's computer.  If your situation differs, please let me know, but this is how'd I'd fix your problem:

Reboot normally.  Attempt to log in (if appropriate).  Then when the desktop appears (as your start menu likely won't) bring up task manager.  Once task manager is up, go to the File menu and select New Task (Run).  Enter the following:


This should uninstall the patch that often creates this problem.  Once uninstalled, reboot (the uninstall MAY take some time and even appear to freeze up.  Give it time (especially if you run a relatively slow machine).

After you reboot, reinstall SP2 then reboot again.  Then go to Windows update and get 834707 again.
Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:
Thanx guys...

I will try this, c:\windows\$NTuninstallKB834707\spuninst\spuninst
probably Tue or Wed before I can get to it...
Let you know
you can try, but to tell u that this doesn't uninstall SP2, it just uninstalls KB834707 from ur system, which doesn't solve the issue, as the problem resides in SP2 installtion and not in this update, to resolve the problem, we need to erase the traces of SP2 and then have to reinstall it freshly !!

But choice is urs, u can try it first to check if u are lucky enough like leew =)
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Just saw another somewhat related problem with that DLL; here's that link, rather than reposting details again here.
This may help. Found it on another site:
There appears to be a potential problem brewing out there in relation to Windows XP SP2 and application of the subsequent SP2 (Security Bulletin MS04-038, update KB834707) critical update. I live in one consultant in a small community and so far I have had two clients with this problem, so I thought I would just put out the information that I have found. Please excuse the length of this post. The problem occurs when KB834707 is applied to a computer in which SP2 was not fully installed. I know this should not be able to occur, but it does. The two clients that I have fixed resulted from two different circumstances. In the first, SP2 was applied, and then KB834707 was applied before rebooting the system. In the second, the SP2 installation was canceled (gracefully) when the user determined that they simply did not have enough time to complete it at that time. Returning to Windows Update the next day, the automatic process acted as if SP2 was fully installed, and prompted them to install KB834707, which they did. Now both situations involve a mistake on the part of the user, albeit very understandable ones that many users would be likely to make. The real problem sees to be that KB834707 does not adequately check its own prerequisites before installing. The result is that the user can boot and logon, but they then get a message          “The procedure entry point SHCreateThreadRef could not be located in the dynamic link library SHLWAPI.DLL”.            The Start button and desktop icons are not displayed, indicating that Explorer.exe is never loaded. The user can Ctl-Alt-Delete to get to task manager to shut down. The same problem occurs when booting in Safe Mode. The solution (finally, if that is what you are looking for) is to uninstall KB834707. I was able to do this in both instances using the following procedure

1. Boot to the Recovery Console (and hope you have the admin password)
2. Type cd $ntservicepackuninstall$\spuninst
3. Type batch spuninst.txt
4. The screen will scroll around, saying “files missing”, “access denied” and also copying files about. Just wait for this all to finish
5. Reboot. I was able to reboot in normal mode
6. Re-install SP2 (You must do this or the problem will recurr at step 7). REBOOT
7. Install KB834707

>> 1. Boot to the Recovery Console (and hope you have the admin password)

gonzal,,, that's the problem, he cannot boot in RC,,, his CD drive is not working..... :)

Thanks for the comment:
Me having high anxiety, would by now have installed the HD as a slave in another driveat a friend's house, recovered the data, burned it on a cd rom. Then I would reformat the HD. The worst case which now a days is inexpensive is to purchase another HD and do the same thing.

Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

Thanx for all the ideas and help...

I just finished Ghosting the HD out of the laptop...so now I can screw it up however I want and I'm gonna be all right...

Going to try first to get the patch uninstaller per leew's suggestion...

Then if it boots up to a GUI, I'll remove SP2...then try a reinstall of SP2 and then the updates...

Post back later...

Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

It appears to by  mucked up...

At command prompt I cannot locate KB834707, however, I can find all the other hotfixes...but it still shows up on Add/Remove...

Still no GUI on reboot...

Tried to uninstall SP2 from Add/Remove, and the error message says it cannot find that either...

So, I'm gonna tell the client in order to fix we need to replace the CD drive so I can re-image the laptop...

UNLESS...someone knows  how to do this WITHOUT a GUI, maybe from a USB HD or a USB CD drive or something like that...

Thanx for the help...
Splitting points...
>> Tried to uninstall SP2 from Add/Remove, and the error message says it cannot find that either...

Did u try entering this command from Task Manager>New Task and hitting enter to see what it says ??

I may be repeating someone's comments, excuse me if I did, but here is the Microsoft website to remove SP2

Steve MutchlerIT TechAuthor Commented:

Thanx for the post...

Here is the problem...I can't boot into a GUI...
And the CD drive does not work...

So I cannot do anything from the GUI...I cannot do a restore from the CD...

I CAN get into Task Manager with the 3 finger salute, and f rom there I can get into the Add/Remove applet and I can get to a command prompt...that's about it...

I went thru the steps that are available to me from the link you gave me...

I can get into Add Remove thru the run command, and the SP2 shows up there but it won't uninstall...

Neither can I uninstall it from the $ntuninstall nor can I uninstall the KB834707 hotfix either from the Add/Remove or from the $ntuninstall...

Guess I'm between between a rock and a hard place!!!..:)

sometimes i wonder how do people manage to work without cd-drive !! =\
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