lookink for mpg & avi player component

Hi all,
I am looking for a simpliest as possible Delphi 7 free component that can play .mpg and .avi files (divx).

I absolutely need two functionalities : ability of full screen mode and programming access to sound level

My goal : I like to watch a divix film while I am on bed (because the TV is in the living room), but i hate when I have to go out of my bed for :
- adjusting the sound level
- shut down the system after the film arrggg :-(
My idea is to use my wireless mouse as a remote control : using the mouse wheel to adjust the sound level, and a dbclick to close the application and automatically shuting down the system.
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ginsonicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Import your MediaPlayer activeX and you can play any files from your system (if you have the required codecs on your system).
Or you can download DSPack from http://www.progdigy.com/
Freeware, source code, lots of demos, forum, good support ....
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EKIMAuthor Commented:
Ivanov : i tried DSPack : I am unable to install it. When I try to install the DSPackDesign_D7.dpk package i get the following  error message  : 'can't load package. One of the needed library cannot be found'  The path needed by DSPack are in the library search paths...

I will try with the activeX
These suggestions come from me and not from Ivanov :)
My nickname is ginsonic.

Can you tell me the full reason for what you can't install the package ?  CTRL+C from error area.
1 - Install DirectX9 if you plan to use VMR or Direct3D : http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/downloads/drx90.asp

2 - Install Direct3D libraries if you plan to use Direct3D : http://clootie.narod.ru/delphi/download_dx90.html

3 - Install Windows Media if you plan to use ASF compression or streaming: http://www.progdigy.com/download/wmfdist.exe
1 - Add this paths to your search directory:
       - (DSPackDir)\src\Directx9
       - (DSPackDir)\src\DSPack

2 - Compile DirectX 9 Package (DirectX9_Dx.dpk) from the "packages" directtory.

3 - Compile DSPack Package (DSPack_Dx.dpk) from the "packages" directory.

4- Install Design Package (DSPackDesign_Dx.dpk) from the "packages" directory.
I still suggest to use DSPack. Take a look at DSPACK23\Demos\DSVideoWinDowEx\PlayWin project.
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