How to get a combobox that I can define the dropdown list FONT.

I have an application developed under win 98 (arabic support) using ACCESS 97 and VB6
the comboboxes used to display the arabic data correctly.
when I Try to use the same application in win 2000 (although I have arabic support) The combo displays the saved data correctly in arabic in the textbox part of it, but displays non-readable characters in the drop down part of it. I beleive that the font property affects only the test box part not the drop down part of the control.
Is there a way that makes me keep the customer data (arabic) while using the same control in my code?.
If not do you have another drop down control that can do that ? I prefer if it is free (I really need to fancy features, all what I want Is to display, drop down, and select text. Thanks

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jimbobmcgeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, SP6 should contain all the updates in SP3.

If this doesn't help, try using the MS-Forms 2.0 Combobox (right-click toolbar, click add components, choose from list).

I also found this download which may provide the MS-Forms 2.0 Controls, if you do not already have them:

No idea about Unicode in Access, but I was under the impression that Access has been using Unicode for a while now -- VBA certainly does...


Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:
i think Not all fonts support Arabic
i tried with Times New Roman and  MS Sans Serif successfully
try with any of these fonts or u can also find more ...

if u still having the problem try to change the
Control Panel->Regional Settings ->  Locale settings -> Arabic
and set this as default and try

again u r having the same problem then install Visual Studio Service Pack5 and try the above
it is better to have latest updations of the operating system as well..


Some of the concepts posted in may be of use to you.  Otherwise, are you using a Microsoft Forms 2.0 Combo box?  I am of the impression that these support Unicode characters, which may assist you...

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fmichailAuthor Commented:

The article is great, it states that the arabic support is in SP3 ov VB6. In microsoft site I found SP6. If i install SP6 should it include the updates done in SP3 Or I have to search for SP3?, and if I have to search for it where can I.
by the way, The combo control displays the characters in real arabic (Arabic transparent forn), but the problem is in the list part of the combobox, where I can not define the font to be (Arabic transparent). also I do not want to use unicode, because the application has already data on MSACCESS 97 since 1999, and I do not want to loose it (Unless if you have an easy way to map it to Unicode).
Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:
Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:
fmichailAuthor Commented:
Dear Jimbobmcgee
sorry for being late I was out of country (and far from development for some time). your guide to me was great, thanks
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