How do you change your login to Visual Studio.NET.

I have an application that was developed in Visual Studio.NET.  It has been deployed on a server running Windows Server 2003 which is accessed through our Intranet.  There is a page in the application that has a user control with custom navigation buttons on it.  They use the buttons to move back and forth between records.  All works well until they click on the New Record button.  At that point they are asked to login again but when they do the login dialog keeps popping up.  The application uses Window authentication. If they hit the cancel button they blank page is presented as it should be.  When I login this issue doesn't occur so I'm assuming it is some sort of permissions issue.

I want to remotely debug the application however when I open up Visual Studio it automatically logs me in as my account.

Is there anyway for me to log into Visual Studio under another account so I can try debugging it using that accounts permissions?
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What's a problem ? :)
Log in to windows as another user , run visual studio and start to work as usual , but under security permissions of the user you've loged in ...
Or may be I cannot get something ?
leskellyAuthor Commented:
Hi Mikosha,

Thanks for you comment.  I don't want to be logged into Windows as another user as I would like to still have my resources available to explore the issue.  When I had first installed Visual Studio I would have to log into it but know it no longer gives me that option.  I've resolved the permissions issue that I mentioned in my original message but I would still like to know how to do this for future issues
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I think in any case , if you want to debug your application with any user ,this user has to be in "Debugger Users" group ,that means it will have much more permissions then other users accessing web application.
So you will not be able to see what actual user see ,when you're in debug mode, becouse actual user should not have permissions to debug.
Anyway ,look here on possible debugging issues solutions:

Hope this will help.
About my first post - BS, sorry. Let's say I was tired:)
I would suggest if you want to see what the other user is seeing you could change the IIS authentication mode to basic and take off windows authentication, this will then prompt you to be able to login as the user you want to debug and go from there.  I think you would still have to do as mikosha says and give that user debugging rights though.
leskellyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion but if in the situation I described and others I would need to see what is happening in the authentication method the user would actually be using.  Also this application is currently in beta testing but will soon be in production mode.  I would not want to change the authentication method under those conditions.  Anyway I've decided to change to forms authentication against Active Directory.  This way the user will always be asked to log in.  Anyone who is interested in this procedure should follow this link:;EN-US;326340
Yeah I wasn't saying to change it permanently but temporarily so that you are infact impersonating that user for testing purposes.  Another way, talking about that, is to use .Net Impersonation??
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