Right CView catches key messages from the CTreeView on the left, why?

I have a explorer like application with a CTreeView on the left and a CView descendant on the right. I want to pan the right view with the arrow keys, so I set up accelerators for those keys on the resources.

Trouble is that now I can't browse the tree using arrow keys, those messages are caught by the view. Why is that? Why would the view even receive messeges when the tree has focus?
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AlexFMConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Handle keyboard messages in the right view instead of using accelerators. Accelerator works on application level preventing left view from getting keyboard messages.
RuskialtAuthor Commented:
And that would be ON_WM_KEYDOWN in the right views message map, right?
RuskialtAuthor Commented:
Yeh, this works much better. I'm through with accelerators, thanks Alex
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