Mulithoming a Windows 2003 Domain Controller for a backup system

Hey guys i have my regular network connection in all of my servers as well as a second nic card with a seperate IP Subnet range and gateway and on a different switch and it is all gigabit. The reason i am multihoming is so the network wont get bogged down from the data transfer.
Anyway all of the servers operate 100% fine and the backups are flawless. I only have one problem. The domain controller runs
DNS also and everytime i activate the second Nic card i loose internet connection through that DNS server.
What can i do to eliminate this. I dont understand what the problem is that is causing this. I assume there is some sort of conflict between the two networks i am running and the DNS.
Anyway i have the NIC card disabled but i cant back up the DC which is a very important backup.
Thanks for your help in advance
Also just for arguments sake.
The main network is a class A subnet and the secondary network is a class C subnet
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Good Luck!!!!!

Create DNS entries for the secondy network. - Short Answer

Your PDC is controling the primary network and it is failing when you startup the secondary because it's not sure how to handle it.

What you can do it setup a SDC on another box for the secondary network.

jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
What you can do it setup a SDC on another box for the secondary network.

So like say my backupserver i could set up DNS ?
Is that what you are saying?
Or are you saying on my main DNS server which is the DC create host records for the secondary network?
Or are you saying set up a new fwd and reverse lookup?
Not sure what  you meant by that.
thanks again
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Sorry I shouldnt write coments before my first cup of coffee...

You can setup a new machine for the Secondary Domain Controler for the secondary network.

and or

Create host records on the primary for secondary network, with the forward and reverse lookup zones.

Sorry should have made myself more clear the first time around.

jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
Hey no problem at all i appreciate your help
This is what i did though
I created a new fwd and rev lookup on my primary dc but that did not work. It still fails on the internet.
However i did no manually add any host records under the new lookup zone
Do i need to do that
Also what would i name the new zone on the fwd side? Same as others two zones (IE and
or would i make a whole new name up for the zone?
Anyway thanks again
Use a new name for the zone... Other wise you might get conflicts with the records when a DNS is accessed...

jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
what i did was name the zone backup2k3
with the a records though
do i need to manually add those?
or wait for them to fall into place
Also would the zone be a primary? I would say yes but i am not sure
jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
Also are these other servers now going to have to be a part of a new domain name?
Just curious
First time i have ever had to deal with this
Yes the zone should be a primary.

Yes manually add them to the primary.

The other servers that were always working should continue to work on the old domain.

jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
ok thanks again
ill let you know how it goes
jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
Hey thanks a million
worked great
really appreciate it !!
jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
Well let me stick my foot in my mouth.
It worked perfect for about 3 mins and then died out again.
I have everything set up
I will copy and paste my dns below
here ya go
Name      Type      Status
Backup2k3      Active Directory-Integrated Primary      Running      Active Directory-Integrated Primary      Running      Active Directory-Integrated Primary      Running

****************SECONDARY NETWORK FOR BACKUP DNS**************
Name      Type      Data
Overland      Host (A)
Backup2k      Host (A)
omh-rals   Host (A)
PMM2000      Host (A)
Labfax      Host (A)
PCA2000      Host (A)
Apps1      Host (A)
susserv      Host (A)
apps      Host (A)
exg2003      Host (A)
esi2000      Host (A)
(same as parent folder)      Start of Authority (SOA)      [13],,
(same as parent folder)      Name Server (NS)
(same as parent folder)      Name Server (NS)

**************DOMAIN DNS FOR REGULAR NETWORK********************
Name      Type      Data
PCA2000      Host (A)
backup2k      Host (A)
onsdiapc85      Host (A)
STORES2PC24      Host (A)
OMH-RALS-RCS      Host (A)
NUR3NPC39      Host (A)
S0029866711      Host (A)
NUR3SPC40      Host (A)
gateway-ndqs48r      Host (A)
gateway-y303wux      Host (A)
S0029866730      Host (A)
S0029866715      Host (A)
S0030252267      Host (A)
S0030252260      Host (A)
Xray49      Host (A)
S0030252259      Host (A)
S0030252258      Host (A)
XRAYPC52      Host (A)
S0029866720      Host (A)
ldpc66      Host (A)
S0029866725      Host (A)
S0029866717      Host (A)
S0029866726      Host (A)
S0029866718      Host (A)
S0029866728      Host (A)
INFOPC72      Host (A)
arrendale2k      Host (A)
S0029866712      Host (A)
S0029866721      Host (A)
LABTEMPPC      Host (A)
ERNURPC91      Host (A)
cathpc92      Host (A)
HP2UA3320CGX      Host (A)
LABPC107      Host (A)
labpc108      Host (A)
onslowdiag109      Host (A)
CATHPC115      Host (A)
otlab121      Host (A)
otlabpc121      Host (A)
OT122      Host (A)
STOREPC154      Host (A)
XEROX3      Host (A)
S0031664186      Host (A)
PHARMPC197      Host (A)
omhfax      Host (A)
Pro500      Host (A)
S0031664183      Host (A)
PHARMPC15      Host (A)
PHARMPC16      Host (A)
PHARMPC17      Host (A)
LINENPC18      Host (A)
S0031664185      Host (A)
S0031664187      Host (A)
ocha-cuq587v6cc      Host (A)
ocha-38lxnr3fsn      Host (A)
ocha-mk9nwk75uk      Host (A)
labpc60      Host (A)
otlabpc61      Host (A)
HPUSC321085Y      Host (A)
nur5spc72      Host (A)
labpc74      Host (A)
LABPC86      Host (A)
labpc90      Host (A)
eegpc91      Host (A)
WCPC94      Host (A)
WCPC95      Host (A)
omhinfo      Host (A)
otlabpc114      Host (A)
MEDTRPC116      Host (A)
MEDTRPC117      Host (A)
MEDTRPC118      Host (A)
otlabpc120      Host (A)
LABPC126      Host (A)
OT129      Host (A)
S0030252262      Host (A)
SURGIPC148      Host (A)
MEDPC204      Host (A)
MEDPC206      Host (A)
MEDPC208      Host (A)
MEDRECPC209      Host (A)
esi2000      Host (A)
apps1      Host (A)
faxcom      Host (A)
hbocworkstation      Host (A)
Edicom      Host (A)
PMM2000      Host (A)
(same as parent folder)      Host (A)
EXG2003      Host (A)
S0029872581      Host (A)
diet2000      Host (A)
medrec2003      Host (A)
susserv      Host (A)
S0029872583      Host (A)
S0029872584      Host (A)
apps      Host (A)
kronos1      Host (A)
kronos2      Host (A)
kronos3      Host (A)
MEDRECPC12      Host (A)
SPROCDSP2      Host (A)
S0031664182      Host (A)
mispc18      Host (A)
HP17249173191      Host (A)
CPQ6X2AKN9Z30RD      Host (A)
PURPC21      Host (A)
HP50226660289      Host (A)
S0029866733      Host (A)
HP11191268155      Host (A)
CPQUSC321085R      Host (A)
TELCOMDSP1      Host (A)
S0029872582      Host (A)
CPQUSC32108BL      Host (A)
HP23421142920      Host (A)
AMALLARD      Host (A)
MEDRECPC34      Host (A)
HP16477119622      Host (A)
NUR2SPC38      Host (A)
XRAYPC40      Host (A)
ISPC41      Host (A)
JimsPC      Host (A)
XRAYPC42      Host (A)
HP19438294921      Host (A)
S0030252263      Host (A)
S0030252264      Host (A)
XRAYPC48      Host (A)
secpc49      Host (A)
MAINTPC50      Host (A)
HP29674251632      Host (A)
HP15997563131      Host (A)
CPQ19166431830      Host (A)
HP12913324462      Host (A)
PHARMPC62      Host (A)
LDPC63      Host (A)
ISPC64      Host (A)
S0030252254      Host (A)
S0031664181      Host (A)
S0031664180      Host (A)
S0031664167      Host (A)
HP92431593110      Host (A)
CHARGEPC70      Host (A)
S0029866714      Host (A)
SWBPC73      Host (A)
SWBPC74      Host (A)
CGARRETT      Host (A)
JALMEIDA      Host (A)
WKELLY      Host (A)
S0030252266      Host (A)
WCPC90      Host (A)
S0029866713      Host (A)
CPQ6B17JKW2P1NN      Host (A)
invpc92      Host (A)
KEGLEY      Host (A)
SLYNN      Host (A)
OPLABPC99      Host (A)
S0030252270      Host (A)
apps2      Host (A)
medpc199      Host (A)
medrecpc99      Host (A)
medrecpc99t      Host (A)
S0029866729      Host (A)
ERNURPC90      Host (A)
tkoonce      Host (A)
LINENPC213      Host (A)
egrant      Host (A)
MEDTRPC119      Host (A)
CATHPC56      Host (A)
SPDPC130      Host (A)
LABPC125      Host (A)
labpc128      Host (A)
labpc129      Host (A)
labpc130      Host (A)
sleeppc146      Host (A)
S0030252255      Host (A)
HP12753487503      Host (A)
LYNDAB153      Host (A)
PIPC154      Host (A)
CPQUSC32108CC      Host (A)
operator1      Host (A)
ORPC165      Host (A)
medtrpc120      Host (A)
HP162552763529      Host (A)
(same as parent folder)      Host (A)
DonsPC      Host (A)
SURGIPC171      Host (A)
ocha-6umf88o2y3      Host (A)
TRAINPC174      Host (A)
EDUPC176      Host (A)
PHARMPC187      Host (A)
presario5430us      Host (A)
HP30965116771      Host (A)
NURSUP191      Host (A)
PURPC192      Host (A)
OMH_OTM      Host (A)
S0031664184      Host (A)
HP67391204531      Host (A)
SARTHUR_PC      Host (A)
XRAYPC47      Host (A)
HP2UA41404WJ      Host (A)
HP87672408269      Host (A)
NURADM207      Host (A)
dcowan      Host (A)
HP37303934199      Host (A)
ERPC212      Host (A)
BUYERDSP1      Host (A)
GHOSTXP      Host (A)
ARMADAE700      Host (A)
SMALAPTOP220      Host (A)
ERPATRACK56      Host (A)
Setup003      Host (A)
(same as parent folder)      Host (A)
CPQ6X2AKN9Z30RG      Host (A)
PURPC254      Host (A)
S0029872585      Host (A)
S0030252251      Host (A)
hme2000      Host (A)
HMEPC21      Host (A)
HMEPC38      Host (A)
REHABPC41      Host (A)
GYMPC1      Host (A)
GYMPC2      Host (A)
HP27416214402      Host (A)
S0029967901      Host (A)
REHABPC34      Host (A)
REHABPC73      Host (A)
S0030252257      Host (A)
S0030252268      Host (A)
PRPTYPC10      Host (A)
assets      Host (A)
ocha-dqnugqii2m      Host (A)
S0029866716      Host (A)
S0029866724      Host (A)
S0029866722      Host (A)
S0029866719      Host (A)
ACCOUNT2000      Host (A)
ssi2000      Host (A)
pmmc2000      Host (A)
(same as parent folder)      Host (A)
EXG2003A      Host (A)
XEROX1      Host (A)
XEROX2      Host (A)
S0031664176      Host (A)
HP26962489177      Host (A)
NRBUSPC20      Host (A)
HP72491762829      Host (A)
S0031664173      Host (A)
NRBUSPC23      Host (A)
HP73892105814      Host (A)
SSIPC28      Host (A)
S0031664169      Host (A)
HP69912047230      Host (A)
SSIPC31      Host (A)
NRBUSPC32      Host (A)
SSIPC32      Host (A)
SSIPC33      Host (A)
SSIPC34      Host (A)
CPQ17543194502      Host (A)
SSIPC1      Host (A)
SSIPC35      Host (A)
CPQ89148930276      Host (A)
IBMPENNEY      Host (A)
IBMPENNY      Host (A)
NRLOANER      Host (A)
SSIPC40      Host (A)
NRACTPC47      Host (A)
LORIE-IBM      Host (A)
S0031664170      Host (A)
HP78492925510      Host (A)
NRBUSPC55      Host (A)
HP74312971517      Host (A)
S0031664175      Host (A)
operator      Host (A)
S0031664174      Host (A)
NRACTPC60      Host (A)
NRACTPC61      Host (A)
S0031664172      Host (A)
NRACTPC63      Host (A)
NRACTPC64      Host (A)
HP41831310112      Host (A)
S0030252256      Host (A)
S0031664178      Host (A)
S0031664179      Host (A)
NRBUSPC71      Host (A)
CHIPpc72      Host (A)
S0031664177      Host (A)
NRADMPC89      Host (A)
IBM-62C9C72A11D      Host (A)
NRACTPC55      Host (A)
S0031664168      Host (A)
HP51201239725      Host (A)
HP68963680428      Host (A)
NRACTPC120      Host (A)
NRBUSPC125      Host (A)
S0029872579      Host (A)
NRBUSPC126      Host (A)
NRBUSPC128      Host (A)
HP66187570259      Host (A)
HP66252906628      Host (A)
HP13515327486      Host (A)
miscdmpc54      Host (A)
ROY-IBM      Host (A)
S0030252269      Host (A)
S0030252265      Host (A)
ENGPC15      Host (A)
ENGPC20      Host (A)
wwwonslowmemorialorg      Host (A)
(same as parent folder)      WINS Lookup      []
(same as parent folder)      Mail Exchanger (MX)      [10]
(same as parent folder)      Start of Authority (SOA)      [22750],, admin.
(same as parent folder)      Name Server (NS)
(same as parent folder)      Name Server (NS)
(same as parent folder)      Name Server (NS)
jjeffords ,

Okay Lets try something really dumb... (Yes I know we should not have to do this... ) It worked for three minutes... So we now have proof of it working with this configuration...

Can we try a warm boot on the DNS please... Cause this should be working... Grrrrr.......

jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
Rebooting server now.
Now i am assuming my LAN settings should be on exg2003 which is the DC should be    ip   submask   gateway

Now should the gateway be
That is the Overland Storage units IP addy or should it be the same as the dns(exg2003)
also shouldnt the DNS be (exg2003)
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