Need a VPN setup that works.

Have a user who is working from home and needs a VPN connection to the office.Have tried several methods but without much success.Can anyone suggest routers which are up to the job.Been looking at Linksys routers but are they the best or is there something better available?Any help much appreciated.
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One at each end should be all you need. Setting up the VPN takes about 10 minutes (2 if you've done it before) using a web GUI. It will still depend some on what you have at your location already..
Here's a demo:

You could even setup one linksys VPN router only at your end and have the user connect using -free- Linksys VPN client..
I know for a fact that it works with my WRV54G..

One thing that you have to understand, though. You need to have unique LAN ip subnets on both ends of the VPN.
Example: remote end default 192.168.1.x
Your end, default 192.168.1.x
Not good.
Remote end: changed from default to 192.168.22.x
Your end: changed from default to 192.168.123.x  <-- next home user gets default 192.168.1.x and you're OK until you get them to change...

Linksys products certainly are up to the job. The BEFV41 is good and easy to set up, the RV042 is also very good, but you might not want to pay the extra for the WAn failover capability. I personally use the WRV54G with permanent tunnels out to two different networks, terminating on PIX firewalls..
Another easy solution would be Cisco PIX 501 at home worker end, and an appropriately sized PIX at your company end. Do you already have anything setup on your end?
resolveitltdAuthor Commented:
Just got broadband in at his house.Is the vpn easy to configure on the linksys routers?
Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

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resolveitltdAuthor Commented:
Cost is an issue unfortunately,would all we need be one of these at either end ,or is there more to it.?Still green about the gills as far as VPNs are concerned
Any progress? Are you still working on this? Do you need more information?
resolveitltdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the indepth answer lrmoore,much appreciated!!!
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