Is there a program that will report a dynamic IP address to an HTML page on a server.

We are getting new cable modem service as our current dsl is lacking...The only problem is they won't be offering static ip's for a month after we get it?

My boss uses remote desktop to get into his computer from home, but without a static ip address we can't count on it being the same all the time.  I don't PLAN on ever disconnecting the cable, so we should technically be pretty much static all the time....

Is there a program that I can run on one of the computers here to report our wan IP address to remote desktop directly?  Or update a web page so that you can just click a link and log into remote desktop webpage?

Hopefully this is free, but if the features are right, I will pay for them.


BTW, this is pretty urgent as we get this new service on friday.
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scampgbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi supertrooper,
I suggest that you look into something like the DynDNS service.
This creates a domain name that is always updated to point to your current IP.  You will need to install a small application on the machine to support this.

Take a look at for more info.

This route means that your boss doesn't have to bother looking at a webpage, but can just connect to the special DNS name for your server.

Does that help?
supertrooperAuthor Commented:
I was hoping for a free solution, or something I can run from our network first.  I have seen things like this but, we can deal with looking at a web page. ;)   Because, our remote access is a web page.  So, If I could have the webpage put into an html file and just insert a link like I would be much happier.  If no one else answers I'll give partial credit.
I think I came up with a decent way to do what you want.  You need to run a scheduled task (maybe once an hour) to launch a program to grab a web page from (a site that reports your public address).

You can get the program "wget" for Windows at this location:

Just extract the files on your web server.  Set up a scheduled task to run this command '<directory location>\wget.exe'.  This will get you a copy of their index.html file with your public IP address listed.  Now you just need to move that html file to the right directory so it is accessible by web users and you're set.

If you need more details on how to do this, just write back.  

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scampgbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The basic DynDNS service is free.  There are other providers who do the same thing.

In your environment, you would register a name with them ( for example).  On your webpage you'd simply connect to

On the web-page front, you would need the server to be able to work out what the external IP address is.  How is your server connected to the Internet?  Does it have the external IP address on one of it's interfaces or do you use a router/firewall?
Well I can offer a partial suggestion but I'd need more information to know where to go after.. but to start with you can write a quick script to put in event manager, and run it every hour or so which will write your ip information to a file.. create a .bat file with:

ipconfig /all >> C:\ipconfig.txt

You can have the locationa nd file name anywhere you want it... after that I'm not sure what options you have available, you could FTP the file to a website, you could write a script to telnet to your SMTP and email it every hour... what options do you have abvailable?

Eodred: I was thinking about that, but it would depend on the server itself having the external address.  Now if supertrooper used a router, the server itself wouldn't know.

ipconfig |find "IP Address" > c:\ipconfig.txt would be a bit neater.
You could encapsulate all that in a batch file that writes a HTML file with no great effort.
We need to know how the connection works at present though before pursuing that :)
lol.. yes that would be neater but I'm generally one of those get'er'done people that just goes the easy quick route... I was having the same issue, for moving forward as you however, what kind of connection does he have and access to what...

The DynDNS service is a Quick FREE option.  Also, in today's internet world it's silly not to have some sort of hardware firewall in front of your server.  A cheap Linksys Router like a BEFSR41 (I've seen them as low as $29 after rebates) should be out front.  Also, the firmware in the router supports configuring a connection to DynDNS, so the router updates the service and you don't need software on your server or workstation.  One of the issues however, is that if DynDNS doesn't see any IP address changes over a period of time (I think 30 days and Cable connections don't change too often) it send an email to the registered account to verify/refresh the data, or the record gets removed (happened to a client of mine).  You just need to setup an application filter in the router to support the remote desktop software.
supertrooperAuthor Commented:
Sorry all, have been without connection to internet for a while...  WOW  scampgb, you were right. ;)  IT was easy to use that dns service.  Worked like a charm and it's free.

Thanks again everyone.

supertrooperAuthor Commented:
Oh yeah.. 100 bonus points to you for the free tip.

Thanks again. ;)
Glad I could help :-)
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