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Ways of Copying notebook drive to PC

How can I adapt a notebook drive to my PC if I want to copy files or image the disk?  Assume the notebook won't run due to other problems than the hard drive.  Can I drop the notebook drive loosely in a PC's drive caddy; will it connect to the same connector (ATA)?  If not is there an adapter?  Power connector is the same?  I don't have the notebook drive out yet is why the seemingly silly questions so I'm not sure if they are different connections.  Not very familliar with the little drives.

If the notebook were functioning, and it had a firewire or USB2 (or even USB1... though very slow) I suppose I would just connect to an external hard drive for transferring or imaging.

Does it hurt if the notebook drive isn't screwed down in the caddy?   I could temporarily fix it in place using farmboy enineering like a block of something so it can't vibrate.
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Hello mark876543 =)

Read here,

How To Connect a Laptop Hard Drive to a Desktop PC:
It's actually pretty simple.

All you need to do is remove the HDD from the laptop and use a converter to connect the laptop's HDD to a IDE controller in your desktop system.

The HDDs in laptops are the exact same as HDDs in desktop (IDE HDDs, I should say) with only a few differences.

First off, you would only need a IDE converter and a Power converter to attatch the new HDD to any desktop machine with a free IDE cable.

Also, the laptop's HDD should have jumpers on it so you can set it to master or slave accordingly.

You should be able to get these converters at Radioshack all for less than $20.

If you need me to get into more detail about anything, let me know and I'll explain it more.
I do desktop support and what I use is an IDE to USB adapter. I can take any drive, whether from a desktop or laptop and simply use the adapter I got on ebay here ( http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=41993&item=6715417425&rd=1 ) to connect the drive via USB. That way, there is no messing with my own PC, it's all plug and play. The seller has tons of the same adapter and you can get one at any time for very cheap...and it comes with the adapter for either a laptop or a desktop, depending on the drive.

Make backups really easy!
mark876543Author Commented:
Well they're all good answers I just gave it to the first guy and his linked article was very good too.  The USB thing is very interesting.  I wonder if it's much slower than IDE cables....   It runs at USB2 speeds you think?   I don't like dragging out my PC and opening it every time I have to do sothing to a drive from somewhere else so I use drive drawers/caddies to ease that problem.   I suppose this USB thing is rather like an external HD without the box....
Exactly. It's a huge time-saver. For the future you shouldn't accept an answer so soon. With the thousands of EE experts on these forums, you might get some better answers if you wait longer. Since you closed the question so quick, and expert that might have a better suggestion than all of us won't post the idea because it's already closed. Just a thought =)
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