SUS Script

Is there a sc ript that I can run on my clients to pull the updates from my SUS SERVER?

I have them scheduled for 3:00 am. I am doing some testing and from the looks of it Windows update is done on the whole whole hour...

How can I just force this connection?

Also......... after the SUS has an update that has to restart will it restart and continue pulling the remaining updates?
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MicrotechConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can ...
Force the application of the group policy. Computers reapply group policies every 90 minutes, with a random offset of up to 30 minutes. So, you might have to wait as long as 2 hours for computers in your domain to start checking the SUS server for approved updates. To force the immediate application of the group policy on a Win2K machine, log on to the computer, open a command shell window, and run the command

secedit /refreshpolicy machine_policy

That computer should now start downloading any updates you've approved. If you're on an XP machine, run Gpupdate instead with no parameters.

Because you configured the SUS server to synchronize only the catalog, your AU clients will download the updates from a Windows Update server. When you come in the next morning, log on to one of your computers and open the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet. You should see the updates you approved earlier.
You can't with SUS.  There is a built in "wiggle room" in the timeframe for when clients download and install patches from SUS.  You can set it in group policy along with your other SUS settings.  You must already have a policy that sets the time and enforcement level for SUS to be working at all.  SUS is already a scripted pull...what it sounds like you want is an automated push...which is tricky without a desktop management suite (SMS, landesk, altiris)...because you can't just say "execute this file" without first determining whether it has already been installed, what OS it relates to, whether the user even has the software package it is updating.  Those are the things that you get for free with SUS, but it happens on the client's schedule, not yours.

What you can do is to change your policy to enforce download and installation at a certain time.  What are your current GPO settings for SUS?
Is it possible to force a group policy from the server to all workstations in the OU?? Rather than using GPUDATE at every PC Console...
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All group policies are "forced" on workstations.  I think what you're asking is if there is a way to force a gpupdate from the server to every workstation.  The answer to that is yes, but it's not a push-button kind of thing.  It requires extra software and/or scripting ability.  

The simplest thing to do is simply to tell everyone to reboot their computers.  Certain GPOs only apply at startup.  Others apply at logon and some others will apply while the computer is running.  In your default domain policy there is a setting for the group policy refresh rate.  I think the default is like 16 hours or something like that.  You can change that on the domain controllers and force it to refresh more frequently.  On my network it's 90 minutes.  Then just tell everyone to reboot before they go home and they'll be all set.
the answer is yes btw... but open and i will tell you how
Oh, and also remember that the IIS user accounts need to be renamed.  THey are specific to the name of the server.


whoops, wrong window
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