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Posted on 2004-10-19
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
I have downloaded a RAR file.  When using WINRAR it now created a directory with little volume rars.  filename.r00, filename.r01, filename.r02, etc.

Can someone assist me in explaining how to complete this unpack. When I unpack the first one, it creates a folder with a bin and cue file.  When i start with the second on (filename.r01) it wants to overwrite the file exisiting.


Question by:Stevesdl
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Sometimes an archive is sent around the net in parts (the .r00 .r01 etc etc). This is to keep the file sizes small. Somewhere along the way, somebody decided they would rather have just a 1-file archive instead of multiple files and archived everything into a single .rar file.

The method of how exactly WinRAR names a multiple file archive varies by version, but if you unrar the original .rar file you have, I understand you get a bunch smaller files inside the archive. All you have to do from here is to open the .r00 file with WinRAR and extract it one more time, overwritting the files. In some instances, when a multiple file archive is created there is an identifiable .nfo or .txt file or maybe another kind of file that is in every archive, and overwritting these is okay.

Give it a shot, and if you have trouble still, post back and I will help further.

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Just download winrar or winace, and doublr click the 00 file, it should do that

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The .bin and .cue files say it is for burning as an "original" CD basically, called an .ISO

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by:Lee W, MVP
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RAR files can either be contained entirely in one .RAR file or spread out in multiple RAR files.  For example, if you have the following 4 files:


then "thisdisc" is the file in 4 parts.  If you try to open and extract any one of them, you extract all of them.

A .bin file is a binary rip of a cd.  Very much like an ISO image, however, .cue files are required to burn them.  .cue files are text-only files, very short, that define the characteristics of the disc.  To correctly burn these bin/cue files, you must use a compatible burning program that understands the cue format.  Nero is one.  Tell it to burn an image and select the cue file (the bin and cue files must be in the same directory).

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ID: 12367473
actually if there are 2 files....
like filename.r00 filename.r01
just open EITHER one of them with WinRAR and it will automatically
incorporated with the other rXX files....

so you did open the r01 file, actually its the same.
look at the extracted files .BIN and .CUE, and if its around 400MB, or 700MB or greater than, then your extraction is successful.

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Accepted Solution

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You can do it 2 ways, first is to open the first rar file so if you have filename.r00 , filename.ro1, filename.r02

then you would open filename.r00 and that should be related to the other files. If that does not work then extract each one in to a different directory and then take the contents from the 2nd, 3rd, and so one directorys and cut and paste them in to the first one.

So if you extracted them to :

C:\rar files

you would get :

C:\rar files\filename.r00
C:\rar files\filename.r01
C:\rar files\filename.r02


you then go to that directory and cut and paste the contents of folder(s) filename.ro1 and filename.r02 and paste them into the folder called filename.r00.

I am not sure if that suggestion would work with regards to if the files that are in the rar files are iso, bin , cue or any image files.

I did it with Nero when the files for setting up nero where in rar files like that and it worked fine.

I think if you open the first one which would be filename.r00 there should be an option some where in win rar to test the files and you should be able to check to see if they are valid and working that way. If not then you may have to re download the file (s).

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