How to select accounts when you have multiple email addresses / accounts in Exchange 03 / outlook 03

Ok, here is the deal.  I've got several domains:


Users have as there primary email address, and have as well as  Here is where I am confused.  If I send an email to, when I hit reply, it's defaulting to  How do I manually specify an outbound account?

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You will have to create two additional accounts\mailboxes. Give one the address and the other dan@123 account. Give full permissions on both mailboxes including send as permissions. n Services add both mailboxes to your profile. When you wish to send a mail as, use the from: field in outlook to send mail from the mailbox or the other one.
email will always leave under primary smtp address assigned to EACH be able to choose try this
open AD users and computers
open the user account in question
go to the email addresses tab
highlight the email address that you want as the primary address(reply adddress) and press the button 'set as primary'
then close user account and AD
wait for the DCs to replicate or manually replicate and test

let me know the outcome...
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