Separating viewable records from all to only theirs

Hi Everyone,
I am a newbie to FileMaker. My boss wants me to build a job request db. Basically he wants the engineers to request a job, have us update the status of the job whle we are working on it and still have the engineer be able to view their requests. Security is a big thing at this company so I can see everything but the engineers can only see their stuff. I though that based on their login account something could be tested against that but like I said, newbie. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
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based on login/passwd, you can enable/disable access to certain layout or field, but this rather heavy to setup. I personnally often use scripts which check the user's group to let the user access layouts containing restricted data. without the right passwd, users cannot access the layout which shows restricted data.
Another idea is to allow to search records only through a script and always add on the fly an extra condition user=xxx before executing the search.
tarek316Author Commented:
do you used standard script instructions? I have looked up and donw the script maker for stuff on accounts but there is a relative few options...
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tarek316Author Commented:
Here is another thing that I can't get around. All I want when the user first gets in, is there to be just black fields. To stop the user from going through and seeing other people requests, I turned off their ablitiy to view but what that does is stop them from viewing but it also leaves the ackward looking text "no access". Is there any way to get rid of that? I think if there is a way that the first screen they see is black then I won't turn off view which should allow me to show them their past request.
For accounts, you have to use the state functions: one is providing the group the user belongs to.
I am using a french version so I won't give the name, it may mislead you (it is not pure word by word translation), but i am sure it is obvious, something like state(usergroup)
2nd pb: no: if you set no access, it is no access, not even 'see it'.
I would use a layout with the fields you want to use for the search, swith immediately to search mode and add an extra condition over the user's one before execution like I described earlier.
that means that you have a startup script set in doc prefs, and also a search script + disable menu actions for users to avoid manual search.
In English FileMaker 6 and earlier, the function is called Status(CurrentGroups)

In FM7, the function has been changed to Get(AccountName) and it's slightly more complicated due to the security changes in FM7.

tarek316Author Commented:
Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. A few things have changed with the project so I didn't need to go down this road but I have one last question for you if you don't mind. Basically, I have a status field that talks about where the project is at. I have another fielld that is a date about when the project is recieved. Is there a way that I can have the status field change to "recieved" when a date is inputed in the recieved field on the fly? I don't want to have a button that updates the db but if that is the way to do it ok. Is there anything on the fly to to that? Thanks
Create a calculated field uses an IF to decide what result to display depending on whether the date is blank. Like this:
IF (  isEmpty( THE_DATE_FIELD ), "Not Received Yet", "Received On " & THE_DATE_FIELD )

You could use a calculated field if no manual entry is necessary in that same field.
status_field = if (date_received > 0 , "done" , "on its way" )
If you want to be able to both enter data manually and use an automatic update of this field upon date_received field entry, you need an external plug-in called "callscript" which allows to trigger a script when a given field content is updated.

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sorry billmercer, we've been typing at the same time! I saw yr answer when I entered mine...
Sooner or later it had to happen :)

tarek316Author Commented:
Thanks guys that really should help...
Forgot to mention the URL for the pkug-in.
I don't remember it now, I have a note in the office about it, let me know if you need it
tarek316Author Commented:
Bill, where is that if used? In the status field or recieved field?

Les, where can I get that plugin?
I'll let you know too-morrow, I am at home now (22:05!)
the "IF..." is the status field definition when defined as a calculated field
In the status field. Change the type of the field from Text to Calculation, then enter the formula in there. You could also keep the status field as a text field, and use a script to set its value, but a calculated field will update automatically without running a script.
It's your preference.

I know Lesouef has provided that plug-in link here in the past, so you might be able to find it with a google search.

tarek316Author Commented:
Sorry Les, it can totally wait.......

Thanks to both of you guy, you guys are awsome......
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