Hey guys
We have a call center. My main computer(server dials out the numbers) and Operators(Clients) can see the Name of the person and the Phone number that is dialed on their screen in COMMAND LINE  before the call is connected. Then they put this information in the ACCESS DB.
So the client/server side is running smoothly. Now here is the big question. I want the name of the person and the phone number to go to the database directly, insted of the operators looking at them and inserting them into the db. Two reasons for that. Less time consuming and less mistakes.
My actuall client server was written in VISUAL C++, but I am looking for a code to add it into my already exisiting program and make it work. I have a very little time.I would appreciate an early reply.
Thank you
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Is your Client application in MFC?

If not, what type of project is your client APP?

Give as much info as you can.
Since your server is already giving itsclients the name + telephone number, wouldn't it be better to have the server log these (with timestamps?) and then separately import them into your database at the end of the day?
syedasimmeesaqAuthor Commented:
The client is in cpp file. dsw.
As far as rstaveley's question concern, I have to have the database updating automatically all the time. Becahse the database is getting updated from other operators and just the import of data will not work.
Thanks guys
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>> The client is in cpp file. dsw.

This doesn't say anything about your project.

Is your project an MFC project?  Can you use MFC code in your project?

I read this as, "The client application is something pretty complicated and I haven't got much time to rummage round in it because it is written using technologies unfamiliar to me."

Presumably you are looking at using your existing technology (e.g. a chunk of code written in Visual Basic / Delphi / whatever) and applying the minimum amount of change to the client code to be able to use it.


Add an as-simple-as-possible module to the client application which allows a function call like...

    void log_call(const char* name,const char* phone_number); be used in the relevant bit of the client code to log the call details. The module itself would need to be written in C++ to link into the client application, but you could make do no more than call your familiar technology.

What is the technology you are comfortable with? Are you sufficliently comfortable with Dev Studio to add a module to the project?

If you are severely under the kosh time-wise on this one, you might be best off getting a C++ contractor in for the day to add the code the to client application to call your code via COM or whatever.

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syedasimmeesaqAuthor Commented:
I am comfortable with Visual basic
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